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My luck is less than stellar… May 25, 2010

Posted by Austen Edwards in Travel Log.

Hello from London! As usual with international flights, it was a hectic process to get here from Atlanta. When we landed, there was the usual chaos of trying to pull your senses together in a new city. After a short ride on the Tube, we ended up in this really cool part of the city near the Imperial College – London and the Royal Albert Hall. Somehow (I’m not entirely sure how) we ended up at this awesome (*clean) hostel housed in an old townhouses in South Kensington, called Astor Hostel – Hyde Park. It has this great vibe of being relaxing, young, and uniquely London… kind of like what I imagine a common room at Cambridge might enjoy. With a couple lounges with wireless internet and flat screens to watch football matches, it seems to have a permanent flow of university students from around the world coming and going. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that’s planning a trip to London.

Yet, it didn’t take long to run into a little bad luck… We got into our rooms without any major problems and then went out to eat for supper and explore Hyde Park before heading back to finish up homework and get to bed early.This is when things start to fall apart. I’m sleeping in a top bunk (maybe 5 feet off the ground, max) when, at some point, I decide to go parasailing off the side of the bed to gently fall on my face and split my eye brow open. The other GT students that are traveling with me heard the rather loud thunk and realized what happened — apparently there was “blood everywhere” — before going to get help from the front desk.

Long story short, I started to remember things about 10 minutes after falling and pulled myself together enough to call a taxi to take 4 of us to the hospital. The nurse took a look at me within 5 minutes of us arriving, decided I needed stitches, and then told us to wait for the doctor, which we did for 4 more hours. Eventually, the doctor sowed me up with eight stitches in my eyebrow and three in my ear, then gives me medicine, and tells me to go home.

** Thanks to the UK’s amazing socialized medical industry, it was entirely free! … well besides my 5 hours of lost sleep. No, I’m not arguing for socialist medicine in the US but I’m not complaining either.

So, we eventually got back to the hostel at 5am and slept for a grand total of 3 hours before heading out for a long day of sightseeing. Thankfully, I realized this morning that if I just wore my aviator sunglasses the entire time, no one could see the now VERY swollen, purple eye and I would no longer scare small children or old women. The swelling is slowly going down thanks to some Advil on loan from another student but I’ll need to go back to the hospital when we get to Brussels to have the stitches removed. In the meantime, I have some very mean looking photos from across London and I’m still working on a better story for my giant, swollen black eye. I’m currently dreaming up an awesome tale about a heroic brawl in a pub with a swarthy Scottish man named Grimm… but it’s a work in progress.


Also, thanks to Crystal, Katelyn, and Mike for taking me to the hospital at 1 am… I owe you.

Bruised in London

Bruised in London



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