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¡Saludos de España! June 1, 2010

Posted by Maziar Adloo in Travel Log.
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Hello world!

As you can tell from the title of this post, I am now in Cadiz, Spain for the “Healthcare Industry in Spain” study abroad program. Even though I haven’t been out of the US for more than 48 hours, it’s already been a blast! However, this post is going to be about what happened this summer before I left the country. (That means look for super exciting Spain stories in my next post!)

My summer started at 6pm on Friday, May 7th, right after my Organic final ended (which was way more difficult than it needed to be, I might add). I had already moved out, so my family came to Tech, picked me up, and we roadtripped it all the way to Maryland – about 11 hours. We might be crazy to drive all night, but we had good reason; that Saturday was my grandparent’s 50th Anniversary, and we were going to surprise them. And surprise them we did. We managed to hide from them all day and then got to the restaurant to set-up some decorations before they arrived for dinner. The coolest decoration in my opinion was a banner that my uncle made; it was a picture from their wedding, and we got all of the guests to sign it so that my grandparents could have a great, tangible memory of their Golden Anniversary. This is a picture of myself, my brothers, and my cousins (the one in the middle and all the way to the left) with my grandparents in front of the banner. The whole thing was a lot of fun and went very well. Best of all, my grandparents couldn’t stop smiling.

The next day, my dad and little brother returned to Atlanta, because my dad had work and my little brother had school. However, the rest of us spent the week in Maryland. Besides sleeping a lot and recuperating from Dead Week and Finals Week, my older brother and I went to Washington D.C. with our mom. We hadn’t been since we were kids and lived in Maryland, so it was a great experience getting to see everything again. We went to the Lincoln Memorial (see picture), the Vietnam Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and a few other fountains/statues/stone-made distinguished areas that were honoring one person or another. All in all, it was a satisfying little excursion.

Later that week, my cousin and her friend took us on another excursion – this time to the Baltimore Aquarium. If you’re ever in Baltimore, I highly suggest for you to go. The traffic to/from can be bad (especially if you get caught at the wrong time and in the rain like we did), but the aquarium itself was awesome. They don’t just have fish there; they had birds, jellyfish, a dolphin show (which we saw for an extra $2 – totally worth it), sharks, anemones, and a whole host of different animals. Here are pictures of my two favorite: the three-finned sea turtle with a shell radius of at least 5 feet and the moon jellies!

That Friday was the wedding of my brother’s roommate’s brother in Virginia. I know that’s a little complicated, but that’s who it was. My brother and I were asked by his roommate to help him do a little dance for it. (We used to do bhangra [a type of Indian dance] in high school, so we had some experience.) So, we met with him a couple times that week, taught him a dance, and performed on Friday. It went over well, and no one was expecting the stunt we did at the end. Everyone loved it, especially the groom and bride. This picture is from right before we went in the banquet hall; my brother, my mom, and I were wearing some traditional Indian clothes we borrowed from close friends.

That finished up our Maryland trip. We came home the next day, and I spent the next two weeks resting, packing, and meeting up with old friends. Our flight to Spain was Sunday, May 30th, and that was the beginning to a whole new set of adventures. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in my next post!

¡Hasta pronto! ¡Ciao!



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