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Welcome to Gorizia! June 2, 2010

Posted by Emi Leonard in Travel Log.
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Since arriving in Gorizia, Italy, there’s been lots of exploring the town, eating delicious foods, and drinking wonderful wines! I suppose some class has been thrown in there as well, but it seems wrong to consider this school when I’m having so much fun! I’ve been trying to learn some Italian, despite the fact that many of the locals know English. The people here are all very friendly and helpful, which makes things much easier. We’ve mostly been walking all over the town (except for when it’s raining) trying to get a feel for where everything is. We discovered a bunch of gelato and pastry shops pretty quickly; as our new friend Cesare (a local we met on the train) said, “The food here is wonderful! You will gain twenty-five pounds!”
Today was an Italian holiday, so we didn’t have class and got to sleep in late. After lunch, several of us walked up to the castle to take pictures. The view from the top is gorgeous! I tried to be artistic in some of my shots, but I couldn’t help being a tourist at times. After spending a while up there, we came back down to the city and roamed around the flea market that was set up. I’m not sure if the market is a weekly occurrence or if it was specific to the holiday, but it was definitely interesting. There seemed to be everything imaginable there, from watches and jewelry to paintings and dishes, to baskets and an armless statue of Jesus on a bench (random, right?).
There was some sort of re-enactment going on in the square as well. It was sort of renaissance fair-esque. People were dressed up in medieval clothing and there were sword fights and drums and all sorts of things going on. After watching for awhile (and trying to figure out what was being said in Italian), we headed to a café to get a cappuccino before dinner.
We also explored two of the churches today. For my video productions class, we’re making a ten-minute documentary and my group is interested in focusing on one of the churches, preferably the cathedral. The inside is breathtakingly beautiful! The architecture is incredible, and a man and woman always seem to be practicing the flute and organ for mass, resulting almost in a soundtrack in the background. We have also gone into the crypt twice now, which was a very creepy experience in my opinion. Most of the archbishops are buried there, and its pitch black and smells like dirt. It’s really cold too, which I can’t help but relate to the sixth sense (silly, I know). I guess if we end up shooting down there I’ll have to get over my silly fears.
This weekend we’re going to Rome, so I’ll have lots to write about next week!



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