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week 4 June 7, 2010

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Sat: Frida Kahlo’s house is really fresh with a garden in a courtyard and many statues from precolombian times, tianguis (outdoor market) at Coyocan, churros rellenos (mmm . . . yum), corn cookies – only eat if you want to be thirsty, Irish Pub

Sun: Woke up early to see the Museo de Antropologia – really incredible museum amidst a beautiful park, in order that I might go to a family get together in the afternoon. We ate a lot of meat at the reunion, and two of the cousins took me to get a paleta (ice cream popsicle) 🙂 The gay cousin kept giving me tequila. It rained on the way home, but fortunately Edwin, my brother, was able to drop us off at the metro station.

Wed: First two tests (3 hrs each!) . . . my poor hands, paletas w/the class after

Thurs: Museo de economics. Wish I understood how inflation works . . .

Fri (May 20): tortilla field trip – got to see how they are ground up from corn! Castle de Chapultepec (home of Porfirio Diaz and Benito Juarez – two very famous presidents), student presentations of murals there, really beautiful forest

Sat: Community service at Tepito – cleaned up the area, read to children; tango club that evening

Sun: rained

Mon: Maria bought cards for Truco (an Argentinian card game) at a papeleria – yes!

Tues: 4 museums, murals of the 3 great revolutionary artists (Siquieros, Rivera, Orozco); salsa (lessons).

Let me explain about these artists: All were employed by Jose Vasconselos, the secretary of state in the early 20th century, to paint murals for the people. This was supposed to provoke thought and discussion, very valuable concepts in a time where the majority of the population was illiterate.

The styles:

Rivera – narrator of indigenous history (used the format of codigos – the earliest art forms – to lead the eye), accurate paintings of faces, Marxist paintings even though he was a capitalist. He was optimistic about the Spanish culture adopting back to the native culture that had been taken over. His figures are kind of fluffy.

Siquiros – the Marxist recruiter, may have helped in the assassination of Trotsky, many clenched hands in his paintings to show the power of the proletariat.

Orozco – apolitical, apocalyptic, much red and sharp points in his murals, mechanized eagle (the symbol of the indigenous peoples has been corrupted by technology); as far as identity goes, he thinks that the Spaniards and the natives equally compromise the mestizo (mixed) race of Mexico today.

Wed/Thurs: Mama Rumba – man, I wish I could really dance the salsa like these locals!)

Fri: Maria and I went to Alisia – a crazy club where people dance and fight . . . dunno that I want to go again 🙂

Sat: I went to Valle de Chalco alone – not Valle de Bravo . . . yeh, I got separated from the group – yay for adventure J, Xochimilco (bought some sweet shoes here, but didn’t go on the boats by my lonesome), played Truco at a Bisquet café.

Sun: Tianguis with the family

Mon: John Ross, who wrote “The Monster” talked to our class

Tues: Talked about Tepito, studying for test

Wed: Vocab test, watched a movie for class

Thurs: studied for the next test

Fri: Big Test! Left for Puebla, after stopping by the Centro to get some pulque – an all natural, sweet fermented drink, long bus ride, explored the Zocalo (town center) with Drew.

Sat: Watched Prince of Persia with Drew at the mall after eating a really tasty green salsa tomale for breakfast. Bought a really nifty shot glass at the Tianguis. Free dinner with the group. Went to La Mentirosa, a dance club, afterwards – didn’t get back until 6 am.

Sun: Regrets drinking the pulque – I think it had fermented more before I drank it. No appetite. Rough day, felt very weak. Explored city more, saw cool church. On the ride back, stopped by smallest volcano in Mexico – humorously puny! Getting ready for debates . . .



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