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Praha Sun June 8, 2010

Posted by Ethan Craig in Travel Log.
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It’s amazing how much life you can live in a short amount of time. Back home, on a typical Saturday, I’d rouse myself around eleven or so, eat something, bum around the house, eat again and perhaps spend some time with friends. Here in Europe, on a typical Saturday, I travel hundreds of miles by train over night, awake in a country I’ve never seen before and explore everything is has to offer. Praha (Prague) is a beautiful city! From castles to cathedrals, from clock towers to cemeteries, everything I saw this past weekend was amazing. The weather was gorgeous: sunny without a trace of cloud. What is most astonishing is that for some people living in a city like Praha is completely normal. They get up, get ready, and walk along the castle walls on their way to work. It certainly makes my route to class past Bobby Dodd stadium seem less impressive!

Along the way, I also was fortunate enough to meet people from all over the world. It is pretty interesting to hear the story of a world traveler and what keeps them moving along. We met people from Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Venezuela and even some from Atlanta, Georgia! For some, travel is a vacation, for others, travel is a lifestyle. Whatever the case, no matter how different our stories may be, something brought us altogether in the same place on the same weekend. I think that is pretty amazing.

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Already in the three weeks I’ve been abroad I can say that this has been a worthwhile experience. Between learning to plan trips (which is a lot more work when your mother doesn’t do it), sticking to those plans, seeing amazing places, and finding a way back home, I’ve learned a lot. A big one is that while life will always have its costs, some of the best things are free. It could be a walk around down town with friends or just taking the time to stop and look out over a beautiful city. There’s a lot to be seen and if you don’t look up from the tour map, you’re bound to miss it. This brings me to another point. We were talking to an Australian woman on the train in. She were telling a story of how a friend had asked what some Australian mountain range was like and she was embarrassed that she hadn’t even been there. It made me think of the time I’ve spent in the United States and how much of it I haven’t seen. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, stayed in New York City, visited Yellowstone or swam in the Gulf of Mexico. These are just a few examples. Anyways, when I do return, I hope to go out and have these experiences. Sometimes I think we get so excited to get away from home that we forget what is lying in our back yard.

Altogether, Praha was an amazing city and I hope to go back in the future.

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