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Times gone by… July 10, 2010

Posted by aellertson3 in Travel Log.
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Hey everyone! I’m writing to you now from Oxford, England after concluding the first four weeks of travel as part of the Oxford Study Abroad. Most recently I have visited the cities of Prague, Berlin, Brussels, Bruges, and Paris. In Prague, the highlights of my trip included an opera performance of Carmen at the National Theater, and exploring across the Charles Bridge up to the marvelous overlook of Castle Hill. Evenings in Prague were almost as entertaining as the days, to see the city lit up along the canal, and to sample Prague’s exceptional night life.

In Berlin, after visiting one of the best collections of contemporary art in all of Europe at the Hamburger Bahnhoff museum, and listening transfixed to the incredible music of the Berlin Philharmonic playing in their home concert hall, we were gifted a day to explore the city. I set off with my friends and PS colleagues Parker Vascik, Elizabeth Blumer, and Lucia Bird to eat lunch in the famous Radio Tower of Berlin from which the viewing platform and revolving restaurant offered incredible 360 degree sights of the city.

After visiting a few more monuments, and the beautiful dome over the Sony Center (a center for entertainment, young people, and great German cuisine) we left Germany and headed on to Bruges.  Here the quaint brick buildings and orange tile roves were among the most enjoyable sights I’ve seen so far abroad, and the quiet, vacation city, was great for walking and exploring especially in the crisp, cool air of Belgium. Stay tuned for news on Paris, my favorite city so far!

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Take care!

Cole Ellertson



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