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New July 20, 2010

Posted by Ethan Craig in Travel Log.

I put my hand over my chest. Yep, it’s still beating. I’m not dead. Guess this isn’t heaven. It sure could be though. On and on, the mountains reach beyond the horizon, where the earth and sky intersect. To call it beautiful is an insignificant description; to accurately describe the experience, I would have to be able to describe the sights, the sounds, the smells and the feelings and that task is beyond me. Imagine a simple scene, with mountains in the distance, valleys running beneath them, the sky holding white clouds just above the peaks. The closer you look, the more detailed it becomes and consequently more beautiful. Once atop one of the peaks, I found myself surrounded by all of this in each and every angle that I could perceive. If I held my breath and didn’t speak a word, I could hear the earth breathing. The subtle swirling of the wind whistled across my ears; never before had I heard the earth so clearly. Stop, it told me, forget everything you know and simply take this in. And I did.

I believe all things happen for a reason. Life takes its twists and turns and eventually you’ll wind up somewhere. Don’t try to predict it; it’s too much stress and altogether unnecessary. Sunday is proof of this. We left with no plans, just a car and a full tank of gas. Life continued to turn and twist, in the form of Alpine roads and mountain rivers. We carved through the valleys, scaled the mountains and found ourselves with the story of a lifetime. We danced in a waterfall, lay beneath the clearest night sky I’d ever witnessed and trusted the road before us to lead us somewhere amazing. It did.

There are no pictures to go along with this. I employ you to use your imagination. Recall the most beautiful moments of your life, refresh them in your memory. Then combine those images with those of your favorite dreams. With that, you’ll have what Sunday showed me. I do hope that someday you will take the roads I’ve taken and perhaps I’ll even join you. I’m not really sure how it all managed to work out so well; it just kind of happened. That is, life did.

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1. Rachel Andrews - July 21, 2010


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