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Hair July 21, 2010

Posted by randrews3 in Travel Log.
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So because I’ve been out of the country, I’ve been feeling more comfortable stepping out of the box and trying new things. GTL has been my first major traveling experience, and throughout this program, I’ve had many more firsts. First trip to the UK, first time touching the Mediterranean Sea, first time touching the Atlantic from the other side, first big rock festival in Amsterdam, first time experiencing a WWII battleground… Of all these many firsts, however, nothing has quite elicited such a big reaction from other people as when I decided to dye my hair for the first time.

New continent, new hair 🙂

I’ve been a brunette all my life, never permanently dyed my hair, never permed it  or straightened it or anything beyond the usual prom splurge. But that all changed last Friday when I fulfilled my end of what started out as a bet and ended up as a deal. One of my friends here has had really short hair all his life, and he always cuts it every other week. I thought this was a right shame, so shortly into the summer program I bet him that he couldn’t go the rest of the summer without shaving his head. Of course, he needed an incentive so I said if he made it, he could have the honor of choosing my hairstyle at the end of the summer (France’s weather has been unpredictable and downright uncomfortable for the majority of my stay here, and with the lack of air-conditioning, getting a haircut is always in the back of one’s mind). It turned out that he still had to cut his hair for job reasons so I was a good sport about it and kept up my end of the “bet.”

It’s been a new and fun experience, having the pink and blonde hair. I was a blonde a good sixteen years ago, so why not go back to my original hair color for a bit? Plus, I’ve always been curious about coloring my hair an unnatural shade, hence the pink. Now that I’ve got it out of my system, I don’t think I’ll do it again anytime soon (bleach is scary), but I’ll enjoy the fun hair for a bit more time before I have to start the job hunt… 😀



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