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Venice July 25, 2010

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Hello my friends!  I am on the bus headed to Vienna.  We have just crossed the border from Italy to Austria.  I am very excited to be headed to a new country – new food, scenery, and experiences.   One thing I am already noticing is that the food is more expensive and the cars are no longer fiats and other brands not common in the U.S., but instead, I’ve seen my first Ford and BMW.  Austrians are stylin’!

Cole and I in St. Mark's Square

It will be an 11 hour bus ride…which probably means more like 12.5 hours.  So far we have driven 3 hours, got a way to go!  This just means I’ll get some sleeping and reading and praying done in the interim.  Though I always say that and it turns into movies and solitaire on my cell phone while listening to my ipod and taking pictures of the scenery as it passes.  That is one thing I can’t stand about sleeping, I miss the beautiful scenery.  Sometimes I wish I was a photographer, I would be in heaven right now, taking phenomenal photos.  Venice was perfect for this. 

I absolutely adored Venice.  It is bittersweet to leave Italy, bitter because I loved it but sweet because we get to see a new country and the trip continues with only more fun ahead.  This drive through Austria is beautiful.  Bittersweet leaving Italy, but super sad to be leaving Venice.  I could have spent another week in this city.  Florence, I spent 1 day too long, Rome, one day too short…or rather, needed one more day of down time, but Venice, I want to stay here for at least another week.  The place was so romantic.  Every bridge, every square, every corner is picturesque.  The shopping was great too!   Our last full day (so, yesterday) we went to the glass factory in Murano and we got to see them making a chandelier for a special order.

Here is a recap of my time in Venice.  We arrive to a SPARTAN hotel….well, Spartan plus a TV.  We were warned before we got off the bus that this will be our simplest hotel and asked to not freak.  All we were promised is it would be clean.  Luckily, it was an excellent location, right by the boat and train station, so we did not have to lug our suitcases too far down the crowded cobblestone streets of Venice.  I loved Venice.  We arrived pretty late, about an hour late to dinner, so we immediately ate our welcome dinner at the hotel across the street, walked around for a few minutes, then I hit the sack.  The next afternoon, after our morning classes (Art History quiz included) and museum visits, Casey and I went exploring.  We got lost quite a few times (apparently what you are supposed to do in Venice according to Professor Ulrich) and we had tons of fun!  We went to St. Mark’s square, explored alley ways, shopped a little and window shopped even more.  Also, per Dr. Ulrich’s recommendation, instead of doing a gondola ride with a large group, we bought an hour pass on the water busses and rode around the island and saw Venice from the water.  Talk about GREAT people watching!

I am worried and curious as to what I am going to eat here in Germany/Austria area,.  I don’t eat sausage… I have eaten pizza like it was my job so it would not be a bad thing to eat a little less.  In fact, funny story, last night, we got back from the concert.  I had two slices of pizza for dinner….after my three-hour nap!…talk about embarrassing, I went down below to the restaurant right next door and picked up a slice, twenty minutes later I went down again to pick up another slice!  Then knowing it would be my last time to get real Italian pizza, After the concert, when we got back to the hotel, I changed into pjs and before I started to pack went down at 11:30pm to get a slice of pizza…THEN thirty minutes later, went down to get gelato!  Haha!  Oops!  But super good!  And it was my last chance for good Italian pizza.  Though, the best pizza I have had on the trip was in Rome at a little place by the hotel.  It was super quaint, very neighborhood-y, you walk in and the pizza is in big sheets and sold by weight.  You choose your size of pizza slice from about seven pizzas then have them heat it up.   The kind of pizza I got was PHENOMENAL.  I will be returning to Rome just for that Pizza.



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