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To an adventure July 26, 2010

Posted by ebragg2010 in Travel Log.
So, bike trip across French wine country. It’s slightly unconventional, but I’m going to write this post as the toast to the journey once we finished!
  • To the miles crossed,
  • To the miles re-crossed once we discovered that we were going the wrong direction,
  • To not having a map,
  • To not knowing the town our hotel was in,
  • To macarons (the best desserts, for those unlucky enough to have not had them before),
  • To ancient towns that are much spookier in the dark,
  • To the perseverance to finish that last 15 kilometers before the hotel closes,
  • To biking along the French interstate,
  • To laying in a sunny vineyard,
  • To a French Vietnam veteran’s war stories,
  • To signposts,
  • To a sky bigger than any other,
  • To realizing you have to actually bike up the mountains you’ve skirted all day,
  • To the art of taking photos while biking,
  • And to the friends who helped make it an epic trip. Thanks a million, Ankita and Aurel!!

By the way, for those interested, we went through Mulhouse, Illzach, Kingersheim, Wittenheim, Ensisheim, Ungersheim, Raedersheim, Merxheim, Gundholsheim, Rouffach, Pfaffenheim, Gueberschwihr, Hattstatt, Herrlisheim, Eguisheim, Colmar, Ingersheim, Sigolsheim, Bennwihr, Mittelwihr, Bebleheim, and finally Riquewihr 🙂 If you can pronounce any of those, congratulations!



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