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Sunday, July 10th BOURNEMOUTH (Beach Vball) July 28, 2010

Posted by Sarah Anderson in Travel Log.

This weekend I went to Bournemouth with some friends who were playing in a beach volleyball tournament.  Bournemouth is at the southern tip of England and is absolutely beautiful!  My two friends, Rob and Felix,  ended up finishing third in the tournament (out of 50+ teams!) Wohooo!

While the other games were going on we went to a retaurant on the beach to grab some food. I got some tasty chicken a delicious salad to match! Sam and Charlie (Rob’s friend’s we met on Saturday) ended meeting up with us at the restaurant. We casually/ jokingly mentioned their promise to go sailing, and they were like, “OK, meet at the yacht club in 10 minutes and we can go”. Nat ( my friend from Loughborough) and I were ECSTATIC!  Sailing and being on the water is possibly my favorite thing in the world!

The yacht club was so big and the marina was HUGE! We went on Charlie’s dad’s boat (they are on the sailing team and restore boats, so naturally, they own a lot of them!). The boat was named Ruthless and was about 40-45 feet long! We were sailing just out of the bay area and Sam asked if I wanted to steer the boat! Of course I said yes..nothing like being Captain of a yacht 🙂 I steered for about 30 minutes and didn’t even come close to crashing haha (kind of hard to on the water, right?). We passed the house that John Lennon bought for his mom, which just happened to be right near where Simon’s house is located (the guy who promised us a bday party ha). AKA, amazinggg! We sailed for a while then tied up to a buoy and just chilled in the boat. Sam had gotten Kerry a birthday cake, so we ate that and some other little snacks he found int he kitchen!

Tom and his girlfriend Victoria met up with us on the boat via Tom’s speedboat!! They tied onto our boat and hopped over and just talked with us for awhile. Victoria is really cool and very accomplished– she’s studying acting in London (I think), and has her own variety show starring her and only her. She has performed over 400 solo shows throughout the UK (wow!). After a bit, Tom invited us onto his boat and we went for a rollercoaster ride. I’m not sure what engine he had, but it certainly was VERY powerful…we were flying! Victoria and I stabled (as best we could) at the stern of the boat while it crashed through the waves. Least to say my back and legs were pretty sore after that experience! Probably one of the most fun experiences in a very long time though, so it was alright 🙂

All in all, this weekend was one for the history book, and I think I came pretty close to meeting royalty 🙂 GB Vball players…GB sailors…extravagant parties, yachts clubs…man, now I know what to aspire to! 🙂 Enjoy the pictures!!



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