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A look back as the journey concludes… August 1, 2010

Posted by aellertson3 in Travel Log.

Greetings from abroad!

In my period of 5 weeks thus far in Oxford, England I have had a wonderful set of experiences. I have taken many trips into London, exploring the city and its sights such as Big Ben, the Parliament Building, Tower Bridge and Leicester Square, while taking time to see two musicals, Les Miserables with the infamous Chris Young, and The Phantom of the Opera with fellow PS Laura Carpenter. I also enjoyed a very memorable night in London watching the World Cup, when the city erupted with Spanish celebration, and fans hung from atop city monuments while others ran into the fountains of the Trocadero Square, clothes and all, for the spirit of celebration. I have also taken time to see much of England during my weekends off from class, visiting the city of Bath, and hiking around the hills surrounding the city, touring Windsor Castle, the ruins of Stonehenge, and spending a day exploring the English countryside by bike in the area around Morten-in-Marsh. I also went into the grounds of Wimbledon for the Men’s Championship and attended the famous Farnborough Airshow, where the aerial stunts and the array of aircraft made for quite a fascinating trip for an aerospace engineer.

Overall it has been quite the experience. I really enjoyed each of these events in England, particularly the chance to see the sights of London, and also the times I spent breaking away from the city routine to get out in the country. While in Oxford I have had a similar experience, visiting the famous landmarks such as the Eagle and Child, Magdalene College and Christ Church, while also spending early evenings running along the canals. I believe this trip to be one of my best spent summers and between classes, friends and weekend breaks, I have had an excellent balance of academics and fun. I have only a week left here to conclude my time in Oxford and although I am looking forward to my return home and shortly after my return to Tech, I know I will miss this place and the experiences I have had this summer. It’s been the opportunity of a lifetime and I am very grateful to have had this chance.

To all I say pleasant travels and safe returns. See you all back at Tech!



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