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Wudaukou Nights August 7, 2010

Posted by markgurevich in Travel Log.

About five minutes by bike from our dorms at Tsinghua University lies Wudaukou. Wudaukou is a rather large part of Beijing, a neighborhood if you will, and we often go there to spend our evenings if we finish studying early. Over the years, Wudaukou has developed into a commercial center. It is surrounded by a number of Beijing’s top universities: in addition to Tsinghua, there is Peking University and the University of Science and Technology, and there a number of tall buildings housing corporate offices.

During the night, Wudaukou is quite a lively place. There is a large night market with many vendors selling clothing, toys, and sometimes even small animals such as puppies. My personal favorite thing to do here is eat some food being sold by the many street food vendors here. Granted, my stomach may not appreciate it later, but the food is absolutely delicious. My two favorite foods to get here are Jian Bing and stir fried noodles. Jian Bing is a popular Beijing street food. First, a crepe is made, and then an egg is cracked on top and cooked. Then some onions are cut up on top. Afterwords the crepe is flipped over and a number of sauces are glazed on the other side. Finally, a flat rectangular sugarless donut pastry is put in the middle and the crepe is wrapped around it. The result is an absolutely delicious dish that is perfect for breakfast and dinner. The noodles are also very good. Noodles of your choice ranging from flat noodles to thin ones are stir fried with a number of vegetables and cooked with a little bit of soy sauce. For less than a buck you can get a full plate of these and it is quite delicious.

In addition to the night market there are a number of bars catering to the student population here. The most popular one for our group here is called Laowai. Our group goes here frequently to celebrate a recently finished exam or the beginning of the weekend.

While Wudaukou is not the biggest and most exciting part of Beijing, it has been a big part of our trip as we hang out here quite often.



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