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August 9, 2010

Posted by luciabird in Travel Log.

Hello from Oxford!

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We finally arrived in Oxford on June 26! We are staying at Worcester College, which has beautiful grounds and was built in the 1700s.  We have classes (I am taking Medieval English History and Computer Science) from Monday to Thursday.  On the three day weekends, we are able to travel virtually anywhere in Europe.  The first weekend several people from my travel group and I traveled to London.  While there, we visited several of the well-known sites, like London Tower and Westminster Abbey.  Westminster Abbey was my favorite site.  I got to see the grave of Sir Isaac Newton, the oldest door in England (from the Anglo-Saxon period), and the Poets’ Corner (which was my personal favorite).  We ended the trip with the Wireless Festival, where we saw JAY-Z perform.  This weekend was such a good introduction to England!

The second weekend we traveled to Barcelona, Spain.  This city was so excited for Spain to compete in the finals of the World Cup!  Although I did not get to stay for to watch the game in Spain, a few of my friends did and said it was like nothing they had ever before experienced.  While we were there, we spent much of our two days at the beaches.  The topless beaches were a completely new experience for me!  My favorite part of Spain had to be the tapas—it was my first time trying them and they were so good!

The last weekend of the trip I spent exploring Oxford.  This was so nice as I also had to study for my finals.  The first day of the weekend I spent almost entirely studying and at the Ashmolean Museum, which is the oldest public museum in Britain.  Their ancient Greek and Aegean collections were really impressive, and I was able to learn more about Medieval England, which was helpful because of my upcoming final. The next day, we toured Oxford Castle, which actually turned out to be the remains of an Anglo-Saxon tower that eventually became a jail.  A tour guide, who was dressed in period clothes and informed us much more about the city of Oxford, led us through the tower. The last day of the weekend, a few friends and I went to High Tea at The Grand Café, which is built on the site of the first coffee house in England.  It was the prefect English end to the trip!



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