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The Final Days of Oxford August 9, 2010

Posted by eblumer3 in Travel Log.

It has been an unbelievable summer.  I got back last night and boy do I wish I could catch the next flight right back to Oxford.  I miss it so much already!  And not just the town, though I am planning on somehow going back over there to live for a longer period of time, whether it be for grad school or work, but also the people, my dear friends I made while on this summer experience.  To me, the Oxford Study Abroad Program was so much more than simply a trip, it was a test of who I really am and a time to define not just who I am, but who I want to become.  I would not have traded this summer for anything in the world.  It was immensely valuable to my personal development and I am so thankful to Mr. Stamps for enabling me to afford this trip.  I was blessed with such great friends on this trip.  To have six PSs in my travel group who I knew before our flight even left Atlanta, made my adjustment to new experiences and places so much easier.  Why, you ask?  Because these people became my home base.  I watched out for them and they watched out for me: everything from looking after a bag while on a restroom run to the boys making sure I did not walk back to the hotel alone at night.  I often see the PS connection around campus, but it was wonderful to remember how much the PS Program is a truly a family.  We have a common bond, and there is a loyalty amongst us that goes well beyond the Georgia Tech campus and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Today I began looking through pictures from the summer.  It is crazy how fast twelve weeks can fly by.  It feels like just yesterday I was packing for this trip and now I am home, unpacked, and suitcase already put away.  Though these twelve study abroad weeks are over and our passports are laid to rest (at least for a little while) the friends made and the friendships strengthened this summer will last many years, some friendships will last as long as the memories: a lifetime.



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