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Barcelona June 18—June 20 August 11, 2010

Posted by jquintero6 in Travel Log.

After spending half of the summer attempting to figure out foreign languages all over the European continent (wether it was French, or German) I decided that it was time to go to the only place in Europe where I could actually dominate the language 100%. So we went to Barcelona where we had a pretty amazing time. After spending approximately 15 hours in a train, we finally made it. The final hours of the train ride were unforgettable as we traveled along the Iberian coast and saw incredible displays of architecture and beautiful beaches.

After arriving to our hostel, showering, and putting away our bags in lockers, we went to eat at a local tapas restaurant where we tried everything form fried calamari to the Argentine empanadas. The food was exquisite and the accompanying wine proved to be even better. After leaving the restaurant, we walked along the harbor where we admired the colossal statue of Cristobal Colon along with several of Gaudi’s masterpiece like the Sagrada Familia church, Casa Milla, and the Park Guell. Later that night we went out to a local bar called Chupitos which is extremely famous for the complex variety of the refreshments provided, and then we ended up at club along the bay that proved to be very amazing.

We went to bed a bit late and woke up 3 hours later that since check out was at noon. Since we had already skipped breakfast we decided to go straight to go straight to lunch at a nearby restaurant where I ate the most delicious paella I have ever had. After enjoying a very refreshing sangria, we headed to the train station and went back to Metz to study for my first midterm of the semester.



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