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Metz/Bielefeld July 23–24 August 11, 2010

Posted by jquintero6 in Travel Log.

This was one of the only weekends where I traveled to multiple cities, but unfortunately, it was also the least planned weekend. The original plan was Metz – Bielefeld, Bielefeld-Duisburg, Duisburg-Copenhagen. Due to several factors, my travel plans were severely altered.

I started out Friday night by doing a nocturnal tour of Metz since the train left at midnight to Berlin. I walked around the river, took pictures of the cathedral, a few other churches, some of the bridges, and the theatre. Since I didn’t have a reservation for the Berlin train, I had to sleep between cars on the connecting wagon where all the bikes were stored—a remarkable upgrade from the train ride to Prague (where I slept under my friend’s bed in order to avoid being kicked off the train).

After arriving in Berlin and having a comforting breakfast at the Berlin train station, I took the connecting train to Bielefeld. The reason why I went to Bielefeld (I know, you have never heard of it in your life—I hadn’t either, don’t worry) is because the under 20 women’s soccer world-cup was taking place there, and Colombia was in the quarter finals playing against Sweden. So loving soccer and my native country as I do, I decided that making the 10 hour trip from Metz to Bielefeld, Germany was definitely worth while.

I arrived at the stadium, which was pretty much deserted, and spotted a few Colombian flags. Talked to the people with the flags, figured out where they were sitting, bought my ticket, and entered the stadium. The unexpected playing of the Colombian national anthem took me by surprise, and after seven years of not hearing it, I sang it as a few tears escaped. The game started out pretty slow, but the Colombian girls picked it up and dominated the entire first half. In the 20th minute an outstanding shot form outside the box gave Colombia the lead, as the Swedish team started to fall apart. Twenty minutes later, one of the Colombian strikers performed a signature sombrero over the Swedish goalkeeper, and the game was pretty much over. Colombia advanced to the semi-finals where they lost to Nigeria 1-0, after Nigeria scored the most pathetic goal I have seen in a while (youtube it if you get a chance). I left the stadium with a reassured sense of patriotism and energy. My next stop was Duisburg, Germany for Loveparade 2010.



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