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“Oh Hey There Stove, Nice to Meet You” (and Other Stuff I’ve Learned) August 12, 2010

Posted by ahtippur in Travel Log.

Living in a foreign country for about 2 months now has taught me some pretty great things. I’m just gonna list them off for ya.

1) The ability to turn on a stove.

2) The ability to cook Cora (the Wal-mart equivalent in France) pasta. You want it stiff, al dente, whatever. I can do it for you.

3) The ability to turn terrible tomato paste (cough, Aurel, cough) into winsauce. Yes, I call my tomato sauce winsauce.

4) The ability to create a more optimized route to Vienna using ICEs and Railjets than even Deutsche Bahn can.

5) The ability to board a train that wasn’t there.

6) The ability to act like I know French to make the cashiers happy, and then slip in the old “Parlez vois anglais?” before they can say anything to me that I don’t understand.

7) The ability to act like I know Italian using Spanish.

8) The ability to stream World Cup 2010 soccer from the most obscure sites ever in an attempt to avoid the lag associated with 200 other people watching the same game at the same time using the same Internet.

9) The ability to optimize a balanced optical homodyne detection system. Yeah, that’s right.

10) The ability to find a SAFE place to sleep in Paris when all hostels are booked.

11) The ability to plan out which metro trains to take to get from point A to point B without a map.

12) The ability to make Croque Madames…it’s just a ham and cheese sandwich, but it’s so good!

13) The ability to make Apfelstrudel.

14) The ability to take pro pictures while biking up and down mountains.

15) The ability to apply my quality Arnold Schwarzenegger accent to real life situations.

16) To ability to have an awesome time in Europe with all my new friends!



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