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The Musings of a Returned Traveler August 12, 2010

Posted by ahtippur in Travel Log.

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Oh Europe, why must thou liest across an entire ocean, so far away from my home? Why can I no longer ride your majestic trains, eat your diverse cuisines, hear your numerous languages, and explore your wondrous lands. Fare thee well, sweet Europe. Fare thee well.

When I was talking to my dad before I returned to the US a few days ago, he told me something very interesting. “When I was your age,” he said, “I was climbing mango trees. Already, you, on your own, are an international traveler.” I’ve thought long and hard about that comment. I have now travelled on my own to 8 different countries. I have seen the vineyards of France, and have climbed the Eiffel tower. I have seen the remnants of a wall which divided Europe, and have traveled to some of the newest democracies in the world. I have tasted pizza from the city that it was invented. I have seen small children play soccer fearlessly while mopeds zoom all around them. I have stood where ancient Roman emperors, citizens, and gladiators have stood, and have seen vast palaces belonging to some of the most egotistical (King Louis XIV, the “Sun King”) and some of the most simplistic (Emperor Charles VI living in Vienna) kings of the vast empires that dominated Europe centuries ago. I have been into the world’s largest ice cave, and have eaten in a restaurant where Mozart used to eat. I have seen the dreams of a nation come true after so long with one kick of a ball. And all of this before I have even started my second year at Georgia Tech.

For the past summer, I have been trying to experience Europe. But through these experiences, I have only begun to see and understand what Europe truly is. I hope to return one day to this land of many cultures, but for now Europe,I bid you adieu! Thanks to all who made this trip possible for me, and to those who shared such a wonderful experience with me. It is one I will never forget.



1. G-Dog - June 21, 2011

This is the best blog ever written in the history of the universe.

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