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Munich and Stuttgart August 19, 2010

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Sometimes you just get lucky when you travel! In my book, traveling to a city, getting to see five old friends, AND arriving on the day the city is having a festival celebrating its anniversary. Street performers, parades, traditional German food through the square of city hall, and all of the townspeople wearing traditional Bavarian clothing allowed us a delightful view into Germany, in the city of Munich!

My friend Alexa and I spent a relaxing two day weekend in Munich and Stuttgart. Three of her high school friends were in Munich, so we got to wander the city with folks who understood the city layout.

The only thing more present in Munich than pretzels were the clocks. From the top of the clock tower, there were no less than 25 clocks visible, and we didn’t encounter a view without a clock! We met up with Alexa’s roommate (studying on GT’s Barcelona architecture program) to climb the clock tower and enjoy coffee, enjoying the freedom that we could run into fellow GT students even in Germany

Stuttgart, we enjoyed the zoo, from the adorable polar bears to the goats, llamas, deer, and birds that lived in harmony in one of the enclosures. Although their knowledge of American geography left a bit to be desired – apparently buffalo currently occupy two regions: the midwest, and a small colony that lives around New Orleans, in Louisiana!

That night, Germany erupted into joyful cheers and vuvuzela blasts; we enjoyed the celebration as Germany won its bracket for the first round of the World Cup. I can only imagine the volume of the stadium in South Africa, as the vuvuzelas’ noises echoed loudly through the streets even though there weren’t that many of the instruments.



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