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Arriving to Metz!!! May 20, 2011

Posted by Andy Barrenechea in Travel Log.
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It was an epic journey to get here, to say the least! I spent the previous week touring Europe with my sister, and visited many places including Munich, Cologne, Milan, Venice, Paris, and now Metz. The traveling has been extensive, and at times challenging, as I am definitely not fluent in either German, Italian, or French, but I’d say that the measure of my success thus far has been that I’m still alive – and for that I’m thankful. I came in early afternoon on Sunday, May 15th, to Metz via a TGV from dowtown Paris and learned on my way here that not only will an officer on the train wake you up very abruptly to ask for your ticket, he will also charge you a fine for sitting in 1st class, even though you paid extra for it in the first place (although I must say, it was totally worth it!). Initially, I decided to walk to my hostel that I booked through hostelworld.com, but then got completely lost in a bad part of town and was forced to succumb to a taxi and found out that the hostel I had booked was closed, and ended up right across the lake from GTL at the Campanile Hotel, and the food is fantastic! About to get out of my room and walk across the street to move in to Lafayette and see everyone arrive to campus, and then for the GTL banquet at 7 PM….more updates to come!!!

Thanks for reading, or “merci” folks,


Some photos:

My awesome room –>

Metz –>

And GTL –>



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