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Arrival in Shanghai May 26, 2011

Posted by Kate Bohlmann in Travel Log.
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To start off with- a word to the wise- don’t do what I did. 😉

My parents and I booked my flight to Shanghai for Friday, May 13th at 12:30 am. Unfortunately we each read my departure time as midnight Friday. If you’re seeing where this is heading, yep- you’re right, I missed my flight to Shanghai.

Waiting in the Atlanta airport in the middle of the night

I was driving home the evening before my flight and had a horrible thought- what if 12:30 am Friday meant that night and not the next night like we assumed? I ran inside and checked my itinerary, and sure enough, my flight was supposed to be half an hour from then. As soon as I saw that, I ran downstairs and woke up my mom. We spent the following hours discussing my situation with Korean Air and Expedia. We soon learned that we would have to go to the airport to work with Korean Air at their check-in desk. So I threw everything I was planning on bringing into my suitcase, took a quick shower, and we left for the airport- at 3:30 am.

Since it was the middle of the night we had to wait for the Korean Air desk to open up at 9:15 am.  After working with the Korean Air staff we decided I could try to fly standby to Shanghai. I got on a flight at 1 pm Saturday afternoon, and I arrived in Shanghai at 8 pm Sunday, May 15th. From there it was still sort of an adventure because my taxi driver didn’t speak English and he dropped me off at the front of Shanghai Jiaotong University’s campus. After walking all over campus with my luggage and asking several people in Chinese how to get to my dorm, I finally found it and went right to sleep.

Things are great now that I’m here- I’ve met some awesome people on the trip already, and our classes are really interesting. We even took a city tour and went up to the top of the 4th tallest building in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center! My Chinese has already improved, too- I’m becoming pretty good at ordering my meals in Chinese. And I have to say I love the food here; I think I’ll really miss my morning baozi for breakfast once I’m back in the States. I’m so excited for everything I’m going to be experiencing here, and I can’t wait to see how much more my Chinese abilities expand. I’ll update on all of the great things we’re doing soon!

Finally arrived! On our city tour of Shanghai



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