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The Champions League Game May 29, 2011

Posted by Naomi Robert in Travel Log.

Last night was a great moment for the city of Barcelona. The Champions League finals was played (for those of you who aren’t that into soccer, this is basically the European Championship). The game was Barcelona versus Manchester United, but it wasn’t going to be played in Barcelona, so we couldn’t go watch it. However, the city put up several big screens to watch the game on. One was put up right next to our residence, at the Arc de Trimof. I went with several friends to go watch.

It was a great game. Barcelona scored first, and the crowds went wild. But then Manchester United scored, making the game a tie again! After a well fought for goal from Barcelona, things were again looking up. The crowd was cheering “Ser de Barca es, lo mejor que hay!” (Basic translation: Barcelona is the best!). After a third goal from Barcelona, we knew we were going to win. Nonetheless, when the game ended, everyone went crazy! Fireworks went off, and people screamed in celebration. Late into the night, I could hear people out in the streets chanting the fight song and honking their horns. The city was definitely proud.

The game was such a great experience because it gave me a chance to be a part of Barcelona culture. It is truly amazing to see how soccer (or I should say, futbol) connects people together here. The city was brought to life – and brought closer together – as a result of the victory.



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