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Greece May 30, 2011

Posted by kylebogdal in Travel Log.

With only having travelled to Paris the weekend before, the trip to Greece this weekend seemed to be very daunting from its onset. There were more connections and differing forms of transportation just getting to the airport than there had been getting to and from Paris. But once we got through the trains, buses, and plane and made it to our destination in Athens, we knew that the journey had been well worth the trip.

RYAN AIR plane

I personally have had to marvel at the ancient Greek ruins through the television set my whole life. Seeing the ruins in person was an amazing experience. You are able to capture the details of the sites that otherwise cannot be seen through a camera lens; the feeling of being in the same locations as the people who helped to shape democracy and the modernized world in which we live today is incredible. Places like the acropolis and the agoras of both the Greeks and romans feel like a time machine that transplants you back to the time period of mythology itself.

The Parthenon

One of the best views I found in the city was in one of the least populated areas. From the acropolis, I had seen a hill with a monument on the top. Even though my friends were not interested in exploring the hill, I took it upon myself to go see what was at the top. Much to my surprise, there was an excellent panoramic view of the whole city in addition to the interesting monument I spotted from the acropolis. This little-frequented hill also had an amazing view of the acropolis and was definitely worth the 10 minute hike.

The best parts of traveling are the new experiences that you encounter. In Volos, the city in which our flights flew to and from, we spent the night before leaving with some of the locals and were able to talk about the differences in American culture and Greek culture over some excellent seafood. Trying authentic Greek food and haggling with some of the street vendors were also some of the experiences we had this past weekend that we will never forget. To think this is only the beginning of my European travels is very exciting.



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