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VENICE WIFI June 11, 2011

Posted by jfresh4 in Travel Log.


Which makes blogging and talking and communicating

issues that arent werent worth waiting

out in the streets of Italy, walking around in search of wi fi

Oh Wi Fi. how we take you for granted in the Great USA

where we can ALWAYS sign on to facebook just to say hey

or stalk our friends pictures. The American Life.

Americans In Italy from Georgia Tech-you wouldnt really expect

us to be studying art and music.
Arent we left brained nerds?

Surprising for some, releiving for most,

we are students that get to boast

about our fabulous adventures of Europe through which we expanded our artistic pallete

and appreciation.

In Florence-our phenomenal, intelligent, and humorously entertaining art professor

Dr. Pearsall

taught us the evolution of how the Judeo-Christian church came, saw, and conquered the world of western art.and expression.

Its interesting.

Such as the artistic movement of mannerism, which is my niche

capitalizes against the socio-political  and scientific turmoil of the 1520s  against the classical principles and NORMATIVE proportions of its predecessor, the High Renassiance

Now, that may sound like a bunch of mush at first. but listen. absorb. wonder

Thats what Pontormo did, the creator of one of the most renowned Florentine paintings: Deposition

which exudes a deeper  understanding of anxiety by means of incredible distortion  where the bodies of the people flow, and become the essence of one another

And then theres this other man Bologna who sculpted this awe inspiring Florentine sculpture known as the Abduction of the Sabine Women.

Linearity’s thrown out of the window and the work is dominated by a central, organic spiral and intertanglement and dependence.


THEN, of course, we studied the one and only master of distortion and perfection and amazement-MICHELANGELO

He sculpted these wierd figurines that may seem unfinished at first glance

but in reality, portray his theory of sculptures being born from the stone and it not being by chance


He didnt stop there, and designed the 1524 Tomb for the one and only Giuliano de Medici

and mannerism is seen through the figurines

the distortion of the necks,and their focus on space and time

the Left base sculpture represents that of Night and death while the right is Day, you see

he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Perseus and Madonna with the Long neck are more immense and intense works of the fabulous type of mannerist art

Then we went to ROME and low and behold

WE STUDIED AND  VISTED elements of the Roman Empire.

It was more than inspiring

to see where and how and through what means concrete was made and utilized

WE SAW the Colesseum, the Vatican, and the Pantheon-WOW

triple threat of hugely Roman Influence.

WE STUDIED, central parts of Roman history such as the Arch of Titus and the Column of Trajen.

they represented pure and raw power. the work was unmatched.

By train, by bus, by BOAT we made our way to VENICE, our central hub for the time being-it is more than amazing here. to hear the sound of the local gondolas on the canals.

Its so tranquil and peaceful.

THOUGH the water in the canal is radioactive probably

turning you into some kind of a swamp monster you see. its scary.

totally polluted. not to mention that the city is currently on the brink

of sinking. into the water and vanishing forever.

But it is archaic and beautiful.


Today and yesterday were probably the longest days of the entire trip.

from 8am until 4pm with constant walking. and walking. and walking.

Hitting the highlights of the High art of the High Renaissance. Its amazing.

Isnt it intriguing? Captivating, moving and inspirating?

It makes me want to create and more and move the world now as a designer.

Just you wait..

dogs here are precious. they have an agenda of their own..lesuirely,casually.

they go in and out of stores like they are people. i love it and miss storm. and spice.


I know this aint short and sweet. but I miss you peeps. keep it real in the A and hopefully ill be able to get on the internet more okkaykayykayyy!



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