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Munich – “Where they put out fires with beer…or at least try to.” June 14, 2011

Posted by Andy Barrenechea in Travel Log.


So yes, this past weekend (a 3-day) I visited the wonderful city of Munich, Germany and had a good amount of fun, as well as other things 😉

I am fortunate enough to have relatives that live in Munich, so the group was able to save some euros on the housing, which was pretty cool, and which definitely allowed us to splurge in some other areas. We took an overnight CNL train to Munich, and it seemed that all of GTL was in the couchette car – I think we might have been kind of loud, oops! We arrived early into the main train station, otherwise known as the “Hauptbahnhof”, and made our way to Solln, where my uncle lives, to drop off our stuff.

Our home.

Having left our belongings in a safe and known location, we had breakfast at a typical German bakery in Solln and then took a subway train to BMW Welt and BMW Museum – in other words, BMW Heaven 🙂 We did the BMW Museum first, which basically showed the progression of the brand and the cars from the creation of BMW up to the present, and then we did the BMW Welt, which was more of an interactive, technology-informative, display of new cars and quite frankly a BMW Heaven for car enthusiasts! We took a tour of the place, and the guide even took us underground to see where they deliver the BMWs for pick-up…it was pretty cool.

That's a tiny BMW!

Having seen many beautiful cars and bikes, I proceeded to find a church in Munich to go to Mass and ended up at St. Peter’s Church, the most famous and the oldest in Munich. Shortly after Mass ended, I met up with my group to enjoy a savory dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (across from Hofbrahaus) and we had a delicious, over-priced, American burger…so worth it!

Because we're real good tourists 🙂

On Sunday we went on a bike tour with Mike’s Bike Tours, and not only did we ride around Munich on bikes (almost running over a few innocent souls in the process) but we also learned a lot of interesting information about the history of the city, like for example: there once was a fire that took hold of one of the government buildings, and when the German-engineered sprinkler system failed the next best idea was to try to douse the fire with beer; perfectly sensible, right? Well, the way this idea was implemented was by passing buckets filled with beer from the nearby Hofbrauhaus to the burning building, but on the way some of the beer mysteriously evaporated, so lo and behold, the building burned down – but not to worry, because the head honcho called it good and even and simply rebuilt the entire building, and no one was to blame. That’s how they do it in Munich!

Our awesome tour guide: Rob

After the bike tour we went to Allianz Arena, one of the world’s top soccer stadiums where the FIFA World Cup was held in 2006. Afterward, we met up with some other GTLers for dinner and this time had legitimate German food:

Eating legit schnitzel.

On Monday (day 3) we ended the trip in a more serious fashion by visiting the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, which was both impressive and a cause for reflection – never forget the lives that were lost in WWII! But on a happier note, day 3:

Ready for action!

And thus, our Munich trip ended and we successfully made it back home 🙂 Hope you had fun reading about my Munich adventures – come back in a few weeks time and read about my trip to Sweden, because it’s going to be as epic as IKEA itself!

Lebewohl amigos,




1. Darlene Spengler - July 29, 2011

I found the account of your trip to Munich and was especially interested in the fact you have an Uncle living in Solin. I lived on Maierwinkle Strasse as a child, 1948 to 1951. I’ve tried to find our house on Google earth, with no luck We also lived on Diefenbach Strasse for ashort time. I would live to find someone who also lived in Solin during that time. Any chance you Uncle could contact me? Thank you Darlene Spengler

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