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Interlaken June 20, 2011

Posted by kylebogdal in Travel Log.

One of my favorite places to date to visit was where we went this past weekend: Interlaken, Switzerland. This town is home to many different kinds of outdoor adventures and the beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps. Although it was raining the first night and day, we decided to participate in some of the normal outdoor activities and a couple of the gut-wrenching and exhilarating activities that are available there. Among the wealth of heart-throbbing things such as sky-diving, bungee jumping, hang-gliding, and parasailing we chose to do two activities: canyon jumping and canyoning.

The first morning our scheduled canyoning trip was cancelled due to the rain of the previous night and the continued rain through the morning. We decided to try the afternoon trip and signed ourselves up for it. This didn’t stop us from experiencing the surrounding area during the morning hours. We decided to hike a nearby trail to see if we could get a better perspective of the city. Because of the rain, we were unable to see very far through the valleys, but what we could see from the top of the trail was amazing. Mountains on all sides rose up around the town and quickly disappear into the misty fog of the cloud cover.

After some pictures at the summit of the smaller hill’s trail we went to explore the town. Every few hundred yards there was a fountain spurting fresh drinking water. After exploring the quaint part of town in the vicinity of our hostel, we headed back to change and see if the afternoon canyoning trip was going to head out. This was also cancelled, but we had already paid for the trip. They allowed us to go talk to the people who ran the trips and they told us that we could go the following morning or suggested that we do something else for that day. We decided to do the canyon jump instead. This is how it looked:


The next morning we did the canyoning that we had signed up for the previous day and enjoyed a morning of jumping into pools of frigid water and sliding down rock faces while landing into the water below as we made our way down the river’s canyon.

These few adventures made for a great weekend for those who enjoy outdoor and extreme activities, but there was also a yodeling festival taking place this same weekend we were there and people in traditional costumes could regularly be seen traversing the streets of the town with long alpine horns. What an experience to see such a bizarre event!




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