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When in Rome… June 28, 2011

Posted by Dustin Hsu in Travel Log.

Italy has officially taken home the “Best Country Dustin Has Visited This Summer” award. My travel group and I just spent five days there, and it was simply amazing. The food was delicious, the weather was beautiful, and the sites were magnificent.

After class last Thursday, we hopped on a night train and woke up in Rome. We were greeted with sunshine and blue skies, quite the departure from cold and rainy Metz. After dropping our stuff off at the hostel we headed to the Vatican, where we saw the Sistine Chapel and climbed to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. The view of Rome from the top of the dome was gorgeous. We then headed to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. After eating some delicious pizza we enjoyed our evening by the Trevi Fountain eating gelato and people watching.

Top of St. Peter's Basilica


Trevi Fountain


The next day was spent almost entirely in the Roman forum and Coliseum. It was mind boggling to see so much history and culture from the Roman Empire. The Coliseum was even bigger than I had thought, making the architecture all that more impressive. We ate dinner that night at a restaurant popular with the locals. It was nice to get out of the touristy area and munch on authentic Italian food.



At five o’clock the next morning we hopped on a train to Florence. Upon arrival, we immediately went to the Academia Gallery to see Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the statue David. After a two-hour wait, we finally got into the museum…it was totally worth it. The size of the statue and the incredible detail Michelangelo put into David was quite remarkable. The other major attraction we saw was the Florence Cathedral, home to the largest brick dome ever constructed. The rest of our time consisted of shopping in street markets, relaxing in city squares, watching street performers, eating gelato, and walking around the city.



Another aspect of the trip that made it so fun was hanging out with tourists from other parts of the world. We ate dinner with Swedes, had drinks with Australians, waited in line with people from Florida, and struck up conversations with countless Americans. I even ran into a family from South Carolina that knew one of my good friends.

Although I’m a little sad the weekend is over, classes shouldn’t be too bad this week. Besides a Statics test on Friday I only have one homework assignment due this week. This coming weekend I’ll be heading back to Munich!



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