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Homage paid to Mont Blanc July 4, 2011

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So this past weekend Andy, Mariel and I got a little ambitious. We decided to scale Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe and the Alps in a two-day weekend. Our first challenge: getting there. We had to ride 9 hours worth of trains during which we figured out the Swiss train system is very much superior to that of the French train system. Our second challenge: hiking with all of our stuff (upwards of 40 pounds each). The hostel check time didn’t exactly coincide with our plans so it was up the mountain with our backpacks filled to max capacity plus some more as we had to buy dinner to eat on the trail. The third and final challenge: ascending about 2000 meters of elevation to get pretty close to the glacier. All challenges were met and conquered that day including getting back down the trail to our hostel before nightfall. The views were breathtaking and all the strenuous climbing worth every minute of it. We finished off the day with a hot shower and some good sleep. The next morning we explored the town of Chamonix from where you can access Mont Blanc. Mariel and I agreed we would love to just take jobs in the mountains and enjoy nature everyday. Plans are in the works to be back in the winter =). The scenery and the hikes rival that of Interlaken, Switzerland. I am going to be fair here and call it a draw between Interlaken and Chamonix. Both just gorgeous places for those who love the mountains and who just want to get away from it all! Not for the faint of heart but certainly worth the trip anyway. Stay tuned for more to come from Eurotrip 2011!


The quaint little town of Chamonix set against the backdrop of the stunning French Alps!

Hello Glacier

Having finally reached the point where I could stretch my arms out and touch the glacier! Yay =)


The three best friends that anyone could have! Fitting end to a difficult but rewarding hike up.



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