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Toledo and the Fourth of July July 5, 2011

Posted by Blake Christianson in Travel Log.

It is so nice to be in Madrid where I can take as many showers a day as I want, run by my own schedule (minus class), have my room cleaned everyday, and have wifi all the time; but you still can’t beat the beach or the calmness of Cadiz.  Madrid’s awesome but it’s going to take some time to get used to the fast pace of everything here after constantly moving at the pace of a snail for a month in Cadiz.

On Saturday we took a day trip with our class to Toledo.  Although it was over 100 degrees and we walked for 6 hours straight, the city was undoubtably beautiful.  We saw the inside of their Cathedral and simply walked through the streets.  Our tour consisted of over 30 people with just one quiet-spoken native Spanish speaker, so there wasn’t much listening to the tour guide done.  We enjoyed the air conditioning inside of a McDonald’s before getting on the bus back to Madrid.  If we had been given more free time I would have definitely bought one of their cool hand made pocket knives or swords.  They also make all of these gold embroidered plates which were gorgeous.  Saturday night we walked around our favorite plazas for a while before going to bed.

Sunday was incredible!  It was one of those few days here that I was able to sleep in.  After I woke up, I went to lunch, and the rest of the day was spent simply watching movies  So nice!  For some reason, all the museums we had wanted to go to were closed for the day and everyone was exhausted from Friday and Saturday.  Gotta love some Toy Story 3.

Monday was the Fourth of July!  I guess they celebrate in Madrid with class from 9-2 and 4-6.  Not to exciting.  However, for dinner we went to Hard Rock for a good American meal.  The whole place was decked out in red white and blue balloons, so we all felt a little more at home.  After Hard Rock, we went to our favorite place, Ulysses, to hang out for the rest of the night.  No fireworks, lake, or barbecue, but we still had a good time.

Miss you all!




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