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Food! 很好吃! July 7, 2011

Posted by Kate Bohlmann in Travel Log.
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Group dinner the first week

Alright, I’m not going to lie. I love food. And I love to eat. Give me any sort of delicious food and I will be one happy camper. And here in china I’ve been able to experience some pretty delicious food.

Group dinner the first week

First of all, food is dirt-cheap here. I’m talking my breakfast is around 50 cents and my lunch is usually around a dollar (in US dollars). And it’s like that most places we go. I don’t think I’ve paid more than 10 dollars for a meal here in all of the places we’ve gone to eat on our own. And it’s generally pretty delicious food too- or as we would say in chinese- 很好吃- or very good to eat. I’m loving the food here, and I think that will be the thing I miss the most once I’m back in the States.

Me inside Sichuan Folk

But even better than the meals we have on our own, are the meals we have as a big group. We generally have around one to two of these “group dinners” a week, and they’ve been a ton of fun and we’ve tried some really great food. These first two pictures are from a group dinner our first week of the LBAT.

The cool stairway in Sichuan Folk

My favorite group dinner, however, was when we went to a restaurant named Sichuan Folk. We got to try some Sichuan-style food, which, in case you don’t know anything about the various regions of China, is famous for being incredibly spicy. And in case you don’t know much about me, I love spicy food. But this was a whole new level of spicy for me, and while I really enjoyed most all of it, I do have to admit one dish was the spiciest dish I’ve ever eaten. At one point it had me wondering for a few minutes whether I had accidentally crossed my personal line into the level of dangerously spicy. But after drinking a lot of tea and eating less spicy food, it subsided into a general burn in my mouth with a few parts of my mouth being numb.

The pretty table

Aside from that, the dinner was really fun, and I loved all of the food we tried. And I learned my lesson not to eat the peppers and their little black seeds that come with some of the spicy beef. 😉 The restaurant we went to looked really cool inside, and so we all had a bunch of fun looking around and taking pictures at dinner. Here are a few of mine.

Our group on the stage


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