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Life in Spain! July 12, 2011

Posted by ecarastrickland in Travel Log.

What a time I have been having in Spain!!!  I arrived about 2 months ago but due to being insanely busy and having such an enriching time, I have yet to blog about my experiences here.  That all changes now!!  I have been spending the majority of my time in Barcelona and have made side trips to England, France, and Italy!  When first arriving in Barcelona I was blown away by the beauty of the city and wonderful weather!  Everywhere I looked there was another beautiful building to admire and always Spaniards living out their lives on the many benches throughout the city.

I love this moment of a family enjoying time outside on one of the many Barcelona benches.

That is one of the things I love most about the city, its wonderful outdoor spaces.  As the Catalan lifestyle is more relaxed and carefree than that of many other cultures, the citizens all have a more leisurely approach to how they spend their time.  It is an everyday occurrence to spend time enjoying the outdoors on a bench, watching children run about and play some futbol.

During my first weekend I captured this moment of childhood joy


With so many outdoor spaces throughout the city, I discovered several within the first few weeks of living in Barcelona.  Two of my favorite outdoor places are the Arc de Triomf and Mont Juic.  The Arc is central to the city and what I see everyday as I come and go to class at UPC.  Mont Juic is more on the outskirts of the city and is much larger than the park facing the Arc.  Positioned on a hill overlooking the city and home to most of the Barcelona Olympics arenas, Mont Juic is a huge playground for citizens of and visitors to Barcelona.  As I walked through the enumerable gardens and explored the Olympics buildings, I couldn’t help but to admire the beautiful vistas overlooking the city.  It took my breath away when we got our first glimpse of the panorama laid out below the swimming complex and I could only imagine the how it felt to dive in front of such a majestic view.

Posing for the camera in front of the gorgeous vistas of Barcelona!











The open air pool where the olymians competed in diving looking out over the city.












I also love the beautiful beaches here in Barcelona and find myself at them on many a sunny day!  It is wonderful to relax and journal by the ocean with the sea breezes and bright sun.  Despite the water being so cold during our first month here, I swam for many hours in the blue waters.  Now that the water has warmed up, I spend much to much time floating in the gentle waves.  As I spend more time in this wonderful city I think more about moving here to live my life.  It is a drastic change from the American way of life, but one I have come to love and appreciate.  We shall see where I end up now that I have fallen in love with this wonderful Catalan city!


Relaxing for my first time at the beach!



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