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A City Lost in Time July 18, 2011

Posted by mrubin888 in Travel Log.

When planning my travels throughout Europe, I had a lot of decisions to make. I had only a limited amount of free time that I wanted to spend traveling and really wanted to minimize my travel expenses. Having already traveled to Italy, England, Greece, Turkey, and a few other European countries, I decided to branch off a little and visit a bit of a less popular city. I ended up deciding on Prague.

Having never been attacked in WWII (except accidentally by a lost group of US fighter planes), Prague never had the need to build anything in the 20th century. The result of this is somewhat magical. One could never believe the beauty that the city has retained all these years. The city is full of mystical medieval castles, beautiful stone bridges, and the famous Astronomical Clock, which is not just huge but also provides a little show every hour at the hour.

I stayed at a hotel in old town. The location was perfect. While the streets were all winding and a bit confusing to navigate, I could wander in just about any direction and find something awesome, and then just find my way back. It was kinda cool, not gonna lie.

One part of Prague that I felt a very strong personal connection to was its historic Jewish Quarters. While I found out that Prague has a very minimal Jewish population in the modern age (being mostly atheist/agnostic and a little bit Catholic), the old Jewish Quarters have been incredibly well preserved. Upon visiting I got to see AMAZING old synagogues, statues, monuments, and a variety of other historic pieces of architecture that stood a testament to the Jews who had lived and prayed there. This part of town was also especially beautiful.

I really loved Prague. I guess the reason why is that it really didn’t even seem real. Prague looks like the kind of city that people right fantasy novels about with knights and wizards, kings among common men. I would definitely go back.



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