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Bastille Day in Paris…Relaxing in Barcelona July 18, 2011

Posted by Dustin Hsu in Travel Log.

The past week in recap:

July 11-12

Classes and an ISYE 3039 test.

July 13

Watched the US beat France in the Women’s World Cup in a downtown sports bar in Metz, France. Did we celebrate like obnoxious Americans? Of course.

Watching the game

July 14

Spent Bastille Day in Paris. Lesson learned: the French know how to celebrate their National Day. The morning kicked off with an unbelievable military parade down the Champs-Elysees complete with plane and helicopter flyovers, tank battalions, and marching infantry. We spent the afternoon at a daylong concert on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, we had to catch our train to Barcelona that night so we were unable to watch the fireworks show.

Helicopter flyover

Concert in front of Eiffel Tower

July 15

Arrived in Barcelona around noon. After checking into our hostel we headed to the beach and spent the day napping and relaxing. For dinner we went to a local restaurant and ate tapas. Tapas are basically small snack dishes famous in Spain…order a bunch of them and you have an incredibly delicious meal. After dinner we went to Bar Dow Jones, a bar where the price of drinks fluctuate based on what other people are buying. Ordering drinks turned into a well-timed business decision.


July 16

We scaled an overlook on the outskirts of Barcelona and were able to see the city’s beautiful landscape. Then we went to Sagrada Familia, the most famous cathedral in Barcelona. The modern architecture of the cathedral made it the most unique cathedral I have seen this summer. Outside the cathedral we enjoyed another famous Spanish meal: the paella. After taking a siesta (like all good Spaniards do), walking through La Rambla, and eating more tapas for dinner, we thrust ourselves headfirst into Barcelona’s world-renowned nightlife. There were more people on the beachfront at four in the morning than there were during the day. Crazy!

Overlook of Barcelona

Inside of Sagrada Familia

July 17

The whole day was spent on trains getting back to Metz. We got back to Metz around nine that night, just in time to watch the US suffer a loss at the hands of the Japanese. In any case, it was a great game!

From celebrating the US win over France in a French bar to watching fighter jets fly through the skies of Paris to drinking Sangria on the shores of Barcelona, this past week was the best of the summer.



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