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A Surprise Visitor! July 24, 2011

Posted by shinjinidas in Travel Log.

My dad had some work in London this week, and he was free starting Thursday evening! So, what did he do? He came to visit me! We met after 7 weeks, or 49 days- just a note of reference, I haven’t been away for longer than probably a week or two at most, so this was definitely a welcome surprise! I am a complete and total Daddy’s Girl and we had such a fabulous time, definitely some of the most memorable moments spent together, no less in a city close to both of us, London!

On the first evening, we visited the Cambridge Theatre in central London to watch the famed musical ‘Chicago,’ which was pure perfection. The dance sequences, acting, and plot line were all so engaging, combined with the spot on performances, that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a packed theatre, and this show is particularly popular, so we were glad at having watched it in London.


On Friday, we began with a brunch of battered cod, peas, and ‘chips.’ It was entirely delicious, and a typical British meal. We then visited the Kensington Palace Gardens, which was a beautiful and welcome relief from the buzz of city life surrounding all of us. It was utterly relaxing, with families and children all around feeding geese and watching swan glide through the water. My dad and I lay on the grass and just stared at the clear blue skies and spoke about how gorgeous this sight was, right in front of Kensington Palace, where the current Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were residing. After this relaxing stint, we walked on a beautiful path to Harrods, on the way catching the Royal Albert Theatre, and other iconic landmarks. While we had both visited Harrods before, this time, we had a special experience, as we ordered a strawberry tart, a praline, and kebabs, all of which were absolutely delicious and specifically made to order for Harrods. What a classy store! Definitely worth a first or maybe even second time visit.

Outside of Harrods, we also caught some amazing sights, primarily those of super fast and super top of the line cars, including a Porsche and a Bugatti. The display of wealth and splendor outside of Harrods was a spectacle, and we thoroughly enjoyed pointing and clicking pictures of these exotic cars in bright bold colors!

Afterwards, we strolled through Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square close to midnight, and marveled at how many people were outside at that hour! Nevertheless, we walked around and soon took the Oxford Tube back to Oxford. That was the end of a beautiful Friday- what I took from this day was that the moments we create with our loved ones are more special than the number of attractions we see or the number of hours we spend staring at something famous. The fact that my Dad had come all the way from Atlanta to be with me was in and of itself a very special experience and I will forever cherish the days we have spent together in London!

On Saturday, we began our day with a fabulous meal at Chutneys, an iconic Indian restaurant in Oxford, which boasts of the former President Clinton in its clientele. The food was a welcome Indian respite, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, albeit one dish was super spicy.

Then, we decided to board a Thames river cruise at Southbank, close to the point of boarding for the London Eye. This was a fabulous decision, as the entirety of the cruise was narrated, so not only did we learn a great deal about the history of London, but we also ventured quite far into the river, to see sights that were magnificent and gorgeous! We literally went under the Tower Bridge and saw its splendor and magnificent stature up close and personal! We also read an engraving of ‘London Bridge’ under the famous bridge. It was a breezy day, and we had gone in the evening. It was beautiful, and a cruise to remember!

Afterwards, we returned to Oxford, and were craving Thai food. So, we popped into a Thai restaurant very near Worchester College, and dove into our Singapore noodles and special fried rice. Needless to say, the food was delicious and the perfect capping to our time spent together. My dad had to leave at 4:00 am Sunday morning for his flight at 9:00 am back to the ATL!

I am going to miss having him here! But, exactly three weeks from today, and my epic trip is over too.

The moments we created shall always remain with me– we shared the most special experience of our trip thus far! Thank you Baba!



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