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CREPES in PARIS July 25, 2011

Posted by jfresh4 in Travel Log.


was an amazing site to see

to romantic and fantastic

i didnt want to leave

…so perhaps i may go again before this summer ends

the light, the energy the french wine and flare

to a 3 miles run to the Eiffel Tower

the fashion and taste was amplified by the sophisticated art and grace

but really

the LOUVRE was insane

one of the most intimidating, fascinating and purely amazing things I have ever seen

we are students of art

and had to look for 11 specific pieces in this whirlwind of creation

it was astounding


and tiring

we were practically fighting for our lives in the big display rooms

art requires determination, stability, aggressiveness and tranquility

oxymoronic I know

seeing the Mona Lisa? I barely remember it was so small in the context of it all..

but it was tight

seeing MONETS water lillys was what was truly tranquil

and surreal

and unreal

and FOR REAL the coolest place I have ever been

take a  gander

romantically enough, after being sushi stuffed

the boyfriend and I, cheap college students survived

the long

and painful

trek up the Eiffel tower on our 15 month anniversary

It was beautiful. and lit. scary just a bit. but amazing




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