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NARNIA July 25, 2011

Posted by jfresh4 in Travel Log.

we entered Oxford, Oxfordshire (is that its real name? really?)

and it was like entering our own secret world

group 2, being the best, of course

got our own place of sorts

in the “west campus” of Oxford

tucked away from the main parts of campus in the cozy wooded areas,

we have our own entrance and exit from campus

our own laundry corridor and 2-3 kitchens on every hall

its like our secret garden

our narnia.

its fantastical.

AND ON TOP OF THAT, as if there could be any more,

we have all of our own private rooms and bathrooms

its suberb

no airconditioning is needed here as the latitudinal coordinates align with that of northern Canada in America

so its a bit nippy in the later parts of the day

but its beautiful

Worcester is our college

We have a porters lodge, a buttery and a dining hall

which is Harry Potter Style

in which every person has to arrive to each by 530 or 630 or else you will not be served

delicious family styled meals are set up

complete with bread, salad, on trays and desserts for every dinner meal

its unreal

my classes…what classes?


the engineering class that I have to take

as a student of tech

but really, its kinda cool

like doing math papers to write a paper in a different language

is that possible?


and my leadership class is the bomb

our teacher is chill and retired and has funny lectures on

how to lead and how to be


My 2011 fourth of july and Harry Potter 7P2 experiences have been here

I cant wait for more, everyday every week and I will hold them dear

as memories

the best Ive ever had. Magic



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