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English literally! July 26, 2011

Posted by Senthuran in Travel Log.
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My last big 4-day weekend was July 14th -17th and I made the bank-breaking but well worth it trek to the United Kingdom, specifically London. Many new experiences awaited me on this journey to the only other country that speaks English but with a slight accent. First of which was the Eurostar “chunnel” also know as the train that goes through an underground tunnel to cross the English Channel. It only took about 30 minutes to cross the English Channel and then we were in England. The next adventure was Harry Potter 7 Part II in London, in IMAX 3D on one of the largest screens in Europe. Those who know me know how I reference Harry Potter all the time and I am a big fanatic of Harry Potter. So I was extra excited to see the final installment. Of course the movies don’t do the books justice or the series for that matter but seeing it was still a fun experience. My group and I saw the movie at 12:20 am Thursday night/ Friday morning on July 14th, the night it was set to be released. Many locals dressed up as characters from the movies for the occasion and all the movie-watchers clapped/cheered at all the right moments. So it was a one of a kind exciting experience. After getting about 4 hours of sleep we all woke up early on Friday morning to get toStonehenge. We all saw the legendary rocks and then made our way toHyde Park from which we made our way to the British museum. This was then followed by dinner of fish and chips (English classic). Then on Saturday we went to theTower of London, the royal stables,BuckinghamPalace, ran into some GT Oxford students, Big Ben, saw the London Eye and visited all the major bridges (MillenniumBridge,TowerBridge andLondonBridge). We also visited Westminster Abbey and that took my breath away! So many famous poets and authors have been laid to rest or commemorated there. The building was astonishing everything was so beautiful inside. Sunday I traveled with a few people to Camden Market. Camden Market is one of the largest markets in the world and it’s very famous. It has something for everyone and it was neat to get the multi-cultural side toLondon. There were large amounts of quirky things that could only be found in such a market which made the whole scene that much more fascinating.  After a good cheap lunch it was time to make the journey home to Metz. With some great organizing and even better planning we were able to accomplish so much. There was too much to see and not enough time. So credit goes to Layla, Ashley and Steffan for a job well done. London past in a blue but that’s why there are pictures as reminders. My Eurotrip 2011 is slowly coming to a close as such I look back on all the trips. I have learned so much about not onlyEurope but how to travel that I can safely say my friends and I have become veteran travelers. How else were we able to see so much in London? That wouldn’t have been possible at the beginning of the summer! Another European city checked off a long list that is fractionally finished. Hope you all have enjoyed my adventures as much as I have and stay tuned for more from Eurotrip 2011.

Harry Potter 7

Just outside the BFI Imax Theater in Southbank, London. The excitement is literlally killing me. HARRY POTTER!! 🙂



Our daytrip to legendary Stonehenge! Never seen the real thing so this was awesome.


London at night

Out on a bridge, London was beautiful at night. Pardon my Swiss affiliation.



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