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Unexpected Travelings July 31, 2011

Posted by Connor Perkett in Travel Log.

July 22nd- July 24th, 2011

Some of the greatest trips begin unplanned, or just arise through opportunity.

This was the definition of my weekend from July 22nd– 24th as we ran into situations that were better than any other plan we could have devised.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach- a treasure that was quickly discovered. For my birthday, I really wanted to do the two thing I love the most in this world- ride rollercoasters and hike in beautiful settings! Luckily a couple days before the weekend, Rachael, Colleen, and Rono were really interested in the amusement park as well as hiking, so we booked everything. When we arrived at the park, it was unfortunately raining. Now rain can either hinder an experience at an amusement park, or make it more exciting, which we chose to be the latter! After riding some incredible roller coasters, including The Pepsi Max Big One, the tallest, fastest, and steepest rollercoster in the UK, we went on water rides that soaked us more than the actual rain. We just had a ball, going back to the days of our childhood where we had nothing to worry about, and could just have fun!

After going to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with Rachael, Colleen, and Rono (who unfortunately went home), we set out to Wales, heading to a small town named Betws Y Coed in Snowdonia National Park. We luckily booked a random sketchy-looking hostel that resembled something similar to a house you might find in a horror film- there wasn’t really any way to contact the owners (other than email), and we couldn’t find much on the hostel. When we arrived in town, no one really knew where the hostel was, which concerned me to an even greater degree. After an hour of traveling through the beautiful wilderness and hopping off a bus at the wrong stop, we finally arrived at the Hostel. From the outside, it unfortunately looked exactly as our visions. However, once we were greeted by the owners and the people inside, we truly found that we totally lucked out. The hostel was bought by two young entrepeneurs 7 months ago and have been trying to renevate the old house. They actually opened the week before we came, which is why we couldn’t find too much info on them and why no one knew where they were. The lovely owners were trying to create a 5 star hostel (and we paid for a 2-3 star price), so it was by far the cleanest, coziest, and overall best hostel I have ever been in by far.

Our original intentions in Snowdonia National Park was to hike Mt. Snowdon, the 2nd tallest mountain in the UK. From our Hostel, we could see the peak of the mountain- but unfortunately it was about an hour away, and we had no way to travel there. Fortunately with our awesome hostel, they had some great alternatives- and this is where our unplanned opportunities came in! They actually had a mountain/plateau in their own backyard, that had some amazing views of the valleys around us! As Rachael was feeling under the weather, Colleen and I went ahead and explored the beautiful area for about 3-4 hours. For my birthday the next morning, we were told to hike the huge mountain across the street, which was designated one of the best views in all of the UK. The way up the mountain was truly a special experience- beautiful woodlands, meadows, cliffs, and SHEEP! Farmers used the mountainside to feed their herds, so Colleen and I walked through the middle of many herds; it really was an awesome experience. Once at the top, we had a beautiful and crystal clear view of Mount Snowdon (which was actually covered by clouds! Lucky), as well as the rest of the park and the coastline of Wales. It truly was one of the best birthday experiences I have ever had. I was really fortunate for all of the right cards to fall straight into place.

In the future I definitely plan on going back to the park to hike Snowdon, as it seems like an incredibly beautiful mountain. Wales was definitely one of the greatest countryside experiences in my life- starting from the cozy town of Betws y Coed, to the great people we met along the trip. This really is the summer of a lifetime.



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