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The Coffee Culture: Un Caffè August 7, 2011

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Next to the hotel that so kindly housed us was a tiny caffè (that’s café for us Americanos) where I ended up getting my daily caffeine more often than not. It was a cute little place and I am now sad that I didn’t end up taking a picture of it. Imagine a 50s diner, then replace the kitchen with a coffee bar and pastry cabinet. Sort of Starbucks meets Grease. This is the world I got to enter in order to receive the nectar of the gods.

A morning espresso to leave me fantastically jittery all through Italian Film.

While neither surprised nor dismayed, I was amused at the fact that what we refer to as a “caffè” in America is in fact not a coffee–it is a shot of espresso. I ran into a multitude of these odd inversions between languages, including an interesting finding about pizza, which I will share later. I found it particularly ironic that for many years I have been counseled at café after café here in America that they do a “traditional” macchiato, which is apparently a shot of espresso topped with foam; however, all the caffès I saw in Italy were pretty convinced that a “traditional” Italian macchiato is in fact what we consider an artsy new-age macchiato–a shot of espresso “marked” with a small amount of milk, possibly with foam to note the difference.

Next door to the Grand Hotel Entourage.

The woman who I assume owns the caffè is a lovely lady. By the time the final week had rolled around, she knew me and my drink before I had time to say, “Ciao”. She was always very sweet and understanding of my bumbling American ways. If I go back, I will learn Italian and go to Gorizia just to thank her for being a wonderful person.

If only adhesion did not exist, then i would never miss out on the last lovely bits...

If you want to hear about the coffee itself, check out Sideways Sweets. There should be a GTTrips-only post coming soon to show you a little more of Gorizia, so check back!



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