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My “Favorite” City August 12, 2011

Posted by Colleen Crouch in Travel Log.

So the title is a tad bit misleading.  I do not have a “favorite” city because all of the cities that I have been to (I think the count is up to 27) are unique and therefore difficult to compare.  However, one city on the travel portion I just could not get enough of–and this is partly because we only spent two days there–was Munich, Germany.

Of all the countries I have been to, I must say that the people of the UK, Germany, and Austria are the sweetest.  Not only were the servers some of the nicest people, but also even a passerby would smile at you which is rare in other parts of Europe.  Even when I was lost in Rome (Surprise!  Italy has the worst maps, and the street signs are nonexistent), a man came up to me and offered his assistance, and no he was not Italian but rather Austrian.  Also, if a person is from Italy, we call them Italians, but do we call a person from Austria and Austrian?  Oh, the many questions that I never would have thought to ask before this trip.  Anyways, here is a recount of my first day in Munich, Germany:

WOW! I LOVE THIS CITY! Even though it was raining and freezing cold all day, I feel in love with this city.  We started our day off going to a beer hall for class. First off the Germans really do know how to drink beer. (Seriously when we came out of class at 11:30, people were already drinking copious amounts of beer).  After class Rachael, Rono, Sean, Marlee, Emily, Lauren, Sean, and I headed to the supermarket to grab lunch.  I bought a thing of chocolate chip bread, a huge thing of potato salad, and some egg salad all four five Euros, and I could not even finish the bread or the potato salad.  Next we went to the Glyptothek which is where a ton of Greek and Roman sculptures are, and well Rachael and I were completely disrespectful and took some hilarious pictures (mainly consisting of me pretending to grab sculpture’s and guys’ in our group butts).

Pretending to grab Joseph's butt after taking pictures with sculptures.

On our way back we saw where the Nazis first started in a certain building.  It is weird how a city that I enjoy so much can have such a dark past.  Afterward we walked back to the hotel for only a few minutes to grab rain gear and then headed to the Hofbrauhaus and walked through the center of town where they were having a huge festival, but very few people were there because it was so miserable outside.  At first, we believed we could not get in to the HB, so Marlee and I stopped at a cute coffee shop in this outdoor mall and bought latte macchiatos (we tried to get them with amaretto, but it was lost in translation).  We then went in the pouring/freezing cold rain to the huge building with the cuckoo clock that actually moves and watched it for the five o’clock.  Next we sprinted to a random beer hall/restaurant, and since we were so cold, Marlee, Sean, Mark, Elizabeth, Sean, and I decided to eat and drink to warm ourselves up, and that was one of the best decisions ever!  The place looked exactly like I picture Germany to look like with the wooden beams and the rustic decorations.  I was adventurous and ordered veal meatballs with this type of jelly on it, and I have never eaten meat that tasted so good.

Delicious German Meal

Next we decided to at least go see the HB, and on the way there Marlee and I devised a way of rating German men (American boys were automatic zeros): a cute guy was 1, an ugly guy was 0, and an in-between guy was 0friend.  This kept us entertained for our two days in Munich.  Once we made it to the HB, we decided to go upstairs to the beer hall where they have singing and dancing, and they let us in!  Mark and I split an apple strudel, and it was absolutely fantastic.  After everyone finished their beer and food, we decided to walk to the park which had little waterfalls, and since it was around 9:30, the sun was just going down.  It was such a fantastic day that I decided to just go to sleep after skyping Mom.





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