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Interlaken! August 13, 2011

Posted by Michael Hodgson in Travel Log.

The last weekend of the trip and I had the opportunity to spend it in Interlaken, Switzerland.  The first thing to note about Switzerland is the cost – EVERYTHING is expensive.  That said, it was definitely worth all it cost and more.

We started our weekend with a 12-hour journey via 5 trains, 2 buses, and a plane.  Upon arrival, we checked in to the famed Balmer’s Herberge (hostel).  A great location, mountain views from the front door, and a bar in the basement – what could be missing?  After checking in, we went to participate in the first of our planned excursions, a trip to the alpine canyons for canyoning!

After jumping, sliding, and falling through a river-filled canyon for 3 hours, I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing experience.  Little did I know there was one to come the next morning.  We woke up around 7am to catch the van that was picking us up to go hang gliding!  Hang gliding in the alps was one of the single most incredible things I have ever done.  With the beautiful mountains and mountain lakes in all directions, not only could you see all of Interlaken, but also what seemed to be most of Switzerland!

From hang gliding, we hopped on a train and took a short ride up to Grindewald, a small ski-town up in the alps.  There we enjoyed the afternoon and evening basking in the sunlight, hiking in the alps, and enjoying amazing swiss cheese fondue!  A short ride back to town on the train and checking in to the tent we stayed in on night two (that’s right…we went camping in the alps 🙂 ), and the night was finished.

Except…for the cat that came in to visit us during the storm around 430 in the morning…waking up to a black cat on your bed that you didn’t put there is a bit unnerving to say the least!  But Henry (as we called it) was friendly and seemed to just want warmth and a good ear-scratch before it curled up and slept with me for the rest of the night!

Definitely worth a trip there – might be even better when the ski slopes are open, but to see a glacier in the heart of summer is pretty worthwhile in and of itself, wouldn’t you say?

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