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Last Days in Barcelona… August 14, 2011

Posted by ecarastrickland in Travel Log.

As my last log entry, I would like to write about my last weekend in Barcelona!  After our final classes on Friday, many of the students and I made a treck out to the beautiful rose garden a few blocks from campus.  I had never been, but all of them had, and now I see why they were shocked I had never gone.  It was so wonderful, and peaceful, and stunningly gorgeous!

I had an absolute ball walking through the roses and up a hill to an arbor where we sat an picnicked for lunch.  As I ate one of the best tuna sandwiches ever, I looked out over the city and admired the beauty of the place I had come to love.  Barcelona has this power to work its way down into your soul and spark a love of the city you didn’t know was possible.

I adore both Spain and Barcelona so much now, and I am so happy I was able to study abroad this summer.  As a celebration of our time in Barcelona we took lots and lots of pictures playing around in the rose garden.  We took classic “jumping” pictures, handstand pictures, “smelling the roses” pictures, and many more.  It was a blast and the pictures really capture the spirit of the moment.

The next day we decided to travel an hour north of Barcelona to St. Paul de Mar and spend the day at the beach.  While the train ride there lasted forever, we were delighted with the little town we arrived at.  It looked just like what we all imagine small town coastal Europe would be like.  It had the most quaint atmosphere and the most beautiful buildings nestled against the coastline.

On top of that, the beach was not a sand beach but a pebbly one.  I had never been to a pebble beach before and was amazed with it.  I ran my fingers and toes through the pebbles all day and was so fascinated by it, that I brought a whole bag of the pebbles home with me.  It might seem silly to some, but I will never forget the texture of the pebbles as they ran through my fingers.  I am glad I brought a little bit of Spain back with me, it makes me feel like i never really left, and I have to go back very soon.



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