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Welcome to France: Many random moments August 14, 2011

Posted by Allie Del Giorno in Travel Log.

I will be pulling my blog posts from my family blog to give you all an accurate account of what I was feeling this summer while avoiding the less-exciting blogs that were necessary to keep my parents satisfied (e.g. – ‘Hey, family!  No time to blog, but I’m still alive!’).  So here it goes.

I quickly learned this summer that you can plan out every second of your life in Europe to squeeze out as much ‘cultural experience’ as you can muster, or you can make a basic blueprint and accept that things will get modified along the way.  My first few weeks in Europe were spent trying to over-plan everything, until I went on those weekend trips and realized that the little moments (getting lost on the city metro and having to find your way back, discovering espresso has 10x the effect of normal coffee, or falling into a hole in a wall) make the trip truly memorable.  Here is one such moment, pulled from my family blog:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week[0]: Onion rings

We decided to try going to the ‘French’ line for lunch today. We go to a cafeteria that French high school students use, and usually they’re either not there or we’re not allowed in their line because they have to get through so quickly. This time, however, we got invited to the other line (it was empty), and we sat next to a bunch of French students. None of us knew French, but Andy is taking French I in Lorraine. He decided to pull out his French packet and practice saying stuff to them. They all thought it was hilarious, and practiced a little English on us too. He further embarrassed himself by asking if the food was onions rings or cheese sticks (after having eaten 2 or 3). The French students laughed and informed him that it was octopus. Despite the minor embarrassment, we thing we’re going to try to sit with them more often. They were pretty nice, and the two guys sitting with me thought the French girls were pretty cute. I’m looking forward to running into them again and practicing my French!



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