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Buongiorno! August 15, 2011

Posted by quriouscat in Travel Log.
I have arrived in Gorizia! It took a plane, a train, a bus, a taxi and a very helpful lady on the train to get here, but I made it!
I put my bags down in my hotel just in time to miss dinner (about 8:45 pm here). My friend missed a flight to connect to the flights to get him to Italy, so we were on the plane together from Roma to Venezia. However, his bags were lost in the process. I have promised myself I will never take US Air thanks to his experience. I waited with him in the line to speak to the airline people (about an hour and 15 minutes after I got my bags). I left Venice at 4pm via bus to Mestre rail station.
I bought my ticket to Trieste. Thank God I didn’t catch the memo that there was a faster train to Trieste leaving 6 minutes after mine! I would have missed my stop Gorizia. I was about to get off at Udine, but I asked the lady sitting behind me what I should do to get to Gorizia (the ticket man told me I should have waited for the other train to get to Trieste). Turns out, she was getting off at the same stop 🙂  We chatted about 25 minutes until our train stopped. She insisted to call a taxi for me. We departed outside of the train station, and I thanked her for all of her help.
The whole exchange was truly magical. She was returning to Gorizia to visit her father in the hospital, and having a hard time. The woman works restoring old architecture in Tuscany and had spent the day travelling on train, worrying about her sick father. She told me that in Italia, “there is what we call, diversity” (she could barely speak English, but we managed to have a very deep conversation). Even though she was having a very sad, hard day, she was truly happy to meet me, and that helping me really made her feel energized and optimistic about returning to Gorizia. In return, I was able to make it to the Hotel comfortably, without any confusion.
I arrived just ten minutes too late to eat the hotel dinner last night. That was ok though because there is a tiny festival going on in the square just outside of our Hotel corner. I ate a Slovenian sandwhich with fritas and drank a coffee at the coffee bar steps away. I plan on working on my Italian a lot, because no one here speaks Deutsch! I have met one German speaking person on my entire trip so far, and one older Lebanese couple in the Rome airport that I was able to hold a mixed French conversation.  I met the German speaking man at the coffee shop. He is a policeman/baristo. His name is Max, and he helps his wife take care of her cafe bar (coffee bar) about 20 feet away from Hotel Entourage when he isn’t working. We had a great conversation over machiatto with another coworker-Erica.  I met the cafe owner Manuela and Erica and I talked about an hour about how she is opening a library in town the next couple of weeks. I think that may be a good subject for our documentary.
My new friends at the Cafe told me to come back whenever to chat! I’ve already made friends with a few of the locals, and I’m starting to get to know my classmates. This will be an amazing trip.
Attached are some pics of my amazing room and the amazing view!

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My First Week in Italia!


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