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Croatia: A Must See August 15, 2011

Posted by quriouscat in Travel Log.

After a long week of filming and assignments in Gorizia, it was time for another weekend excursion. After planning for about a week and a half, it was finally time to head to Pula, Croatia!

I managed to raise enough interest for the trip to accumulate a large travel group of 8 students. Xavier, Casey, Rachel, Eric, Pablo, AJ, Clayton and I began our journey around 6:30AM. We first boarded a train from Gorizia Centrale to Trieste. From there, we reserved eight spots on one of the two available buses that travel from Italy to Croatia during mid-June. The bus took about 4 hours to reach our destination, but was very cheap, and offered breathtaking views of the Slovenian and Croatian landscape (as well as a nifty passport stamp!). The wild European driving through the mountain roads offered a thrill as we passed through every town (big or small) on the Istrian Peninsula.

We arrived at Most Hostel (just outside of the downtown Pula area) at 2:30PM. Our lovely hostess, Gordana, greeted us with open arms, and began telling us all of the places we should visit during our stay. She had extra beach materials (including a snorkel) and we grabbed some gear before heading to lunch.

Gordana suggested a delicious and cheap place with a traditional dish, Cepavi. We headed down the street and found ourselves immersed in the smell of grilled beef and toasted bread. All of us couldn’t stop talking about how delicious our meals were, as well as the low cost. Cepavi, beer, and yogurt cost me around 6 USD. The taste and experience was priceless.

Soon after, we shopped for souvenirs in the shops around our hostel. After shopping we hopped on a bus to the beach. Gordana directed us to Ambrella beach, where the locals go for a swim. The water was clean and clear, and schools of fish swam right underneath you! The Adriatic is so salty, it takes no effort to float and watch the clouds above you. We stayed for the sunset, skipping stones, playing at the water park, and eating 5 Kuna ice cream (less than 1 USD).

I am so glad I bought water shoes! It made walking on the rocks much more pleasant

After a night of rest, we all settled down for a simple breakfast. We purchased fresh milk, jam and bread, and it was almost as good as the Cepavi we had for lunch the previous afternoon. After suiting up we headed back to Ambrella beach to, swim, relax, sun bathe and explore all day. I discovered an amazing cliff while exploring and quickly gathered the group to check it out. I think discovering that part of Pula is what convinced me that Croatia is home to the best beaches I have ever experienced! We returned around 6:30 pm, showered and headed out for another round of Cepavi.

The cliffs we trailblazed! It was breathtaking and beautifully blue!

The next day, we headed back to Trieste via bus in the late afternoon. The remainder of our time was spent in the open air market, eating gelato, fresh fruits, and buying some cheaply priced souvenirs.

I encourage everyone who visits Europe to visit Croatia. Though the prices are cheap, the experience is priceless, and you will create some memories you will never forget.



1. toni - August 16, 2011

Trully great article! Thanks a lot. But since you visited only Pula and its vicinity, I asure you Croatia offers even much more. And I am not talking about the food, if you know what I mean 🙂 Next time, if possible, explore southern part of Croatian Adriatic – towns like Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Makarska, Dubrovnik, or islands like Dugi otok, Kornati, Hvar, Brac, Korcula, Mljet… One should go to Croatia every year for a whole week or even two, to be able to see all that beauty… Enjoy and cheers!

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