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Obelisks Everywhere August 15, 2011

Posted by Brian Wier in Travel Log.
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On our longest weekend of the year, we all decided to go see Italy, namely Pompeii/Naples, Rome, and Florence.  To talk about the entire trip would be entirely too long, so I’ll just to stick to what we did in Rome.

We arrived in Rome late at night and had to find our way to our Hostel, having only an address and my vague recollection of where it was in relation to the train station, which my friends weren’t too happy about.  We made it safely though without any real problems.  In the morning we took the metro to Piazza de Popolo and walked along the Tiber to Castel Sant’Angelo, which was originally a mausoleum for Emporor Hadrian but was later used as a Papal residence.

From there, we went into the Vatican and toured the museum.  I was particularly excited to the see the “popemobile,” which is apparently an often-missed item in the museum.  After the museum, we made our way into Saint Peter’s basilica and climbed to the top to get a good view of Rome.

After leaving the Vatican, we made our way towards the Pantheon and saw the famous fountain of the four rivers in Piazza Navona.  Upon arriving at the Pantheon, we learned that its currently used as a church and mass was being held.  Instead of waiting for mass to end, we went to visit the Campo de Fiori and eat dinner only to find the Pantheon closed for the day when we finally got back to it.  From there, we went to the see the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

While we had seen Rome of the Renaissance on our first day, we saw the Rome of Antiquity the next.  We started by going to see the Colosseum, followed by a visit to Palatine Hill and the Imperial Forum.  We then went to see the Campidoglio and the museums on Capitoline Hill, and after that, we finally got around to making our way to the Pantheon.  The rest of our day consisted of aimlessly walking around the city and seeing random attractions.

Perhaps the thing I’m most proud of doing in Rome and the reason for this post’s title is that we saw all but one of Rome’s 15 or so obelisks (it has the most in the world) without meaning too.  We just stumbled across most of them as we walked around the city, but several of them are also in the major squares and plazas.  We decided that it would ruin accidentally seeing almost all of them if we intentionally saw the last, so that ended that.





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