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Wrap Up August 15, 2011

Posted by sangitasharma in Travel Log.

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After 36 hours, three separate airplanes, two layovers, and five extremely gross airplane-meals, I am finally back home in the good ol’ U.S. of A. It’s great to be back; I’ve missed my family and friends. (And I’ve definitely missed American plumbing!)

This experience has been absolutely amazing. Everything, from riding in an Autorickshaw to work (and trying to communicate with the Auto drivers!) to eating at McDonald’s to watching the last Harry Potter movie has been so exciting. (Sidenote: movie theaters in India have more security than airports in the U.S. And they have the unfortunate habit of sticking intermissions in the most inconvenient of times.)

At the beginning of the summer, the simplest of tasks to a lot of effort, simply because of the language barrier. Now I feel like a pro. Navigating the streets of Bangalore, ordering food from street carts, and flagging down Autos are no longer the daunting tasks they once were.

Living in another culture is incredible; living with another work environment is another experience entirely. I’ve worked in labs before, but I haven’t spent too much time in an Aerospace Lab. And I’ve never spent time in a lab outside of the U.S. This summer has made me reevaluate my career goals. I know now that I have to return to this international environment.

I am so thankful to the PS Program and the Fleet Scholarship for enabling me to work in India this summer. While working and learning about the Aerospace field, I learned so much about my native culture, and I learned so much about myself.



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