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Pra-Ha! aka Prague August 24, 2011

Posted by mpendleton3 in Travel Log.


Prague was a fairly short visit. We got in the first night and had a welcome dinner at the hotel that was buffet style, not exactly my favorite, but ok. The first day we were there we had class and then spent most of the day at the castle. Sometimes you can’t tell it’s even a castle, it’s apparently the largest in the world, but I think that’s why you can’t tell. It’s really like its own mini city. We got there just in time to see the changing of the guard. It was difficult to see because there were so many people. But they play trumpet music and march in military style and then they switch guards, it’s funny because they switch aviator looking sunglasses which the guard wears all the time, whoever is on duty that is. Some of us went to grab a bite to eat right after exploring around the castle and taking some pictures for a bit. The burgers weren’t really that good, their beef tastes really salty and tastes a lot more like pork. The meal was also pretty expensive, but that’s because we ate right there in a really touristy area. Walking out of the castle there is a road with a whole bunch of tourist shops which are neat to look around in.

Most of all I enjoyed simply touring Prague by foot. We did a walking tour in the afternoon, which helped me realize how much I liked Prague and what a beautiful city it was. It’s small and picturesque, especially walking across the bridge. We started out at the main square and looked at some of their famous churches in the area, and then the astronomical clock which chimed at 3:00pm. Then we continued our walking tour to the bridges passing a ton of the cutest shops you’ll ever see. There are so many people selling knick knacks, handmade jewelry and paintings and then musicians playing music along the bridge.  We made it to the statue of St. George who as legend has it was thrown off the bridge to be executed, and his dog jumped in after him and saved him so he lived. So it’s good luck to rub the dog pictured on the statue and make a wish. I always wish for the same thing…I’ll let you know if it ever comes true.  We walked back to the hotel and got ready to go eat dinner and then head to the opera. The food we ate was delicious (a pasta dish) and with our bellies full we headed off to the opera with the group. It was quite a hike in high heels, especially over all the cobble stone! Tough. The opera was intriguing, especially because it was my first one. The singers are really talented. I think I enjoy classical concerts better, just listening to the music. But the opera was still interesting. After the opera we stopped with the professors, group leaders, and the head of the Oxford program for dessert at a place just next door. I had this hot chocolate and chocolate cake dessert, both were very rich. I’d like to go back to Prague someday; I wish I would have had a little bit more time there. Maybe I’ll have a chance to go see the bridge at night.



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