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Sick in Munich… August 24, 2011

Posted by mpendleton3 in Travel Log.


The drive in from Prague really wasn’t all that far, but we stopped at the infamous concentration camp in Munich called Dachau. We rented audio devices and walked around with them for a while to look at all the places. I couldn’t believe how sad it was. The grounds are very peaceful now, with birds chirping and lots of greenery, it’s hard to imagine something so horrible happening in that same place, only 70 years ago. We arrived at the hotel shortly after that. That’s when I learned that I was getting written up, so because I was pretty upset I went to go for a run before dinner and booked it with all that pent up energy.  Dinner was pretty good, but again it was buffet style, and really didn’t seem like German food. Later I went to the laundry mat, which was a pretty far walk, and finally got some laundry done! I worked on my paper for the opera there and later that night while chatting with Jonathan.

Day one we woke up early to take off for Salzburg, which is also a very picturesque city. It is known for being the place where the Sound of Music with Julie Andrews was filmed. When we first got off the bus we walked over to see Mozart’s house that he used to live in when he wasn’t travelling around or when he lived in Vienna later in his life. It started to drizzle and was pretty miserable for a little while. I started to walk up to this huge fortress that they have overlooking all of Salzburg. It’s a pretty steep incline and I was definitely sweating by the time I reached the top gates. You didn’t get a very good view from there though, because before you could get to the very top you had to pay an entrance fee. So I opted out of that and walked back down into the city. I looked for an ATM and got some money out to buy my dad a beer stein at a tourist shop. It was really neat looking, and originally made in Austria. It was all the countries in Europe on it. So later I’m going to ship it to him for Father’s Day. It’ll get there late, but better late than never. We headed out of the city though to go on a Sound of Music tour. It’s a 3 hour tour that leads you into the villages by the lakes that they have. It was some of the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen before. So lush, and the lakes were an unforgettable turquoise blue. We got to see where parts of the movie were filmed, like the lake scene and the famous gazebo, as well as the church where Maria gets married in the movie. In that particular village we stopped to get apple strudel which was delicious. Then we headed back into town and finally started the long drive back to Munich. (Where we watched the Sound of Music for the second time, all the songs were stuck in my head because they had played them on the tour as well.) When we got back to the hotel, Annie and I immediately started getting ready to go out for the night. Victor was coming over with a couple of his friends and were going to take us out for a night on the town. We thought we were going to go to the Hofbrahaus but apparently they close pretty early. I was so excited to see him when he got there.  He introduced us to his friends Julian and Felix. They took me and Annie and a bunch of the fraternity guys out to two pubs which were pretty small and tightly packed. And then we headed out to a club, the guys in our group thought it was going to be a total flop, but it turned out to be a ton of fun. The club was called P1, apparently one of the hottest clubs in Munich, and it was university night, so there were a lot of college kids. The place was pretty big with an outdoor area and inside dance floor.

The second day we thought we were going to have class early, but it got cancelled because we didn’t have a room to hold it in. Thank goodness! So I went back to sleep before we had to leave together for two art museums. The second museum was one of my favorites because it had a lot of landscape paintings and a sunflower painting by Van Gogh. Annie and I also had some delicious ice cream in between museums, yum! I know I’m an ice cream-aholic. The rest of the day was ours to do as we pleased. So after changing at the hotel we went to Mariansplatz which is the main old town square in Munich. The churches are really neat. Annie and I looked for souvenirs, but everything was so expensive around that area! I regret not getting a shot glass though or postcards, because I won’t have anything to represent my time in Munich. We were looking for the Augustiner biergarten to eat dinner with some other people and we found one, but apparently it was different than the one they went to. We ordered traditional German food, roasted pork. It was ok, but because I’m not so much of a meat eater, I really wasn’t a fan, plus the waitress was not a very happy person and gave us stale pretzels. We also found this other American girl from Washington State University who was by herself eating and we invited her to eat with us. It was nice to talk with another American. She told us the famous Hofbrahaus was right next door to where we were eating just then. So once we finished our dinner we headed over there to meet up with a ton of our group.

The third day, I felt awful! I had completely lost my voice, and had a every symptom of a sinus infection. Rough day to have class at 8am. I thought about not going at first and use my sick day, but I sucked it up and went, you know me when it comes to going to class. Class was actually held at a biergarten, ironically it was the only place they could find that had a big enough room to hold class in. Who’d have ever thought we’d find ourselves at a biergarten at 8am. It was hot and stuffy in the room which wasn’t helping my cold. All I wanted to do was sleep. After class I stopped at the grocery store to get cough drops. And then we all headed over to another museum in the same area. This time it had modern art in it. Most of it was quite disturbing actually, modern art just really isn’t my thing, too farfetched. After the museum, I went back and just slept as long as I could. My body hurt, and I was just so drained from everything. I slept for five hours straight. I finally woke up to get ready and go out with a couple of people over to Munich’s Olympic Park. It was quite a long walk, but the park was very green and quiet. We walked to the very top of this hill where you can see all of Munich and get some great pictures of the park’s amphitheatre. We decided to leave quickly though because there was a major storm coming in. It didn’t matter that we left quickly though, the walk was so long back to the tram that the storm caught up with us. It felt as though we were going to be in a tornado for a while the winds were so strong. We made it back just fine though and beat the rain into a restaurant.

Half way through the travel portion and I’m starting to get ready for settling down in Oxford…



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